• The Masculine Heart - Military men twice as likely to be trans

    Posted June 27 by Pauline Smith

            Earlier today I was sort of joking with a friend on line about WWII movies and fighter pilots and then the jokes started about Tgirls as pilots...wigs away, etcetera and then I remembered about Roberta Powell - spitfire pilot and racing driver.   So I did som...

  • Hair

    Posted June 24 by Elizabeth Arlington

    Hiya Girls, Well it is just such a sort time to Sparkle, and i'm still having hair issues, my last wig which was fabulous, has now got very tired.   Having bought a new off the net, it appears to light for me, i'm not really a blonde burd, Shar has offered to go and get a dye for it - lets s...

  • day out

    Posted June 23 by Janet LemonShark

    Just my day out shopping. I got to wear lipstick, green eyeshadow, and my mint green knit, top that fits the figure, it shows any lumps or bumps such as boobs :eek:   I got myself a lovely scarf, white cotton with tassles, I got gold bangles :) and footlets.

  • Great Day Out

    Posted June 23 by Josephine Green

    Today my wife and I had a great day up in London. We started by having breakfast at Butcher's in Leadenhall Market (they make thier own sausages and the sausage butties were great). Then on to House of Fraser just round the corner for both of us to have our nails done (I go there regularly), my wife...

  • Need to get off my butt

    Posted June 22 by Carol Tights

    Sorry haven't posted any blog for a while (or much of anything). Have let myself get in a rut and sat on my not inconsiderable backside and let things just drift along. Have sat and done some thinking and asked myself some questions. I am still taking every oppurtunity to be Carol and with stresses...

  • Loneliness vs Living Alone

    Posted June 22 by Pauline Smith

    I live alone and have for many years - interspersed with marriage and child rearing (I was a single parent for about 10 years - and it's difficult to be precise at which time your progeny truly leave the nest !!!). There is a conundrum about living alone versus being lonely, and it's one that I fig...

  • Transtastic @ Sparkle

    Posted June 19 by Jennifer Johansson

    Hello, everyone been a long while, anyhow Sparkle is around the Corner! so, is there anything planned for a time and bar to meet up at, for a few drinks and a good catch up ? x

  • first jealousy

    Posted June 19 by Janet LemonShark

    I was just thinking back, way way back to my childhood, my sister, 3 & a half years older than me, and she got pink pedal pushers, tight fitting trousers that finish just below the knee.... oh they were great, I don't know that I recognised my feelings as jealousy back then, only that I loved those ...

  • I never knew

    Posted June 18 by Janet LemonShark

    How can I admit to anyone. I've had such gut wrenching emotional turmoil in my recent life.   But sexually, just coming to terms with who I am, with what I feel.   I've fantasised about cocks for a while, i've even had my crushes on guys, you know from TV, but its all getting worse,&nb...

  • That latex dress.

    Posted June 18 by Debs Campbell

     That latex dress. Having the day off yesterday I decided that there would be no housework done, no washing and the grass that is normally cut by a gardener who is on holidays could wait for another week, I ventured into Edinburgh my home city for a wonder just a wee daydream to myself and som...