• Saturday Night In Blackpool

    Posted February 16 by Elizabeth Arlington

    Hi all, Myself and Shar have just spent Saturday night in Blackpool in the Dickson Road area (Near Funny Girls) We stayed at a B&B called The Trentham Hotel - here's the link - Just thought i would pass on there details, it is a gay run hotel, but...

  • Self-medication - a guide

    Posted February 16 by Steph Holmes

    Hormone Treatment for MtF Transsexuals  Many (most?) transsexuals will self-prescribe. This monograph is not an encouragement to self-prescribe: it is an attempt to make that self-prescribing safer. Please, please, please tell your GP what you are doing and get the blood tests.  As I'm sur...

  • A transsexual FAQ

    Posted February 16 by Steph Holmes

    The introduction My name's Steph and I'm an alcoholic – no, wait, a transsexual (muted applause from the other members of the group). That's very often how we feel when faced with people's questions. Especially when we get asked the same thing over and over again. I realise that virtually all...

  • A life less ordinary

    Posted February 16 by Steph Holmes

    This is an update on my blog of two years ago: "There and back again" I am a young over-50 trans lesbian woman (transsexual 'male' to female). I'm 5'10" in my stockinged feet, green/brown eyes and 10st4lb, with good legs and a now developed bum. (Thank you hormones!) This unfortunately means that, ...

  • Mallorca

    Posted February 16 by Cristina Lopez

    I want invite to visit Mallorca and then we can go out to the city and fun!!!! Me gustaria invitar a visitar Mallorca y nos podriamos conocer y podriamos disfrutar juntas!!!! 

  • From Geek to Chic

    Posted February 12 by Rachael Blanche

    These are the voyages of the starship Pink Kitty....   In my younger years I found solice in sci-fi, this is when it was still considered silly and childish. At school I was the geek, the nerd, the freak, the wierdo and anything else the in-crowd like to taunt our little group of social ...

  • Me, Myself & Rachael

    Posted February 11 by Rachael Blanche

    This blog is just going to be the ramblings a mad person waffling on about nothing, sorry. Through out my life I've manage to get very good at compartmentalising my life, home from work, family, social, my hobby from everything. I know it started at a young aged probably my early teens, ...

  • Name change

    Posted February 7 by Rebecca Carmen Cook

    YOUR RIGHT TO CHANGE OF NAME The law throughout the United Kingdom permits people to change their name at any time and without any special permission or process. This applies to everyone, including people who change their gender.In its simplest form anyone can change their name simply by announcing...


    Posted February 6 by Bebe Brum

    A heckler challenged Jared Leto at a Santa Barbara International Film Festival's tribute yesterday, accusing the actor of "trans-misogyny" and repeating criticisms that have always hovered over his acclaimed performance in Dallas Buyers Club.


    Posted February 5 by Trans Lingerie

    Hello, We are a Spanish innovation company for transgender people and we have the pleasure to present you the new model of Transgender gaff for hiding our secrets, that fits at all kind body types, it design and confection have been designed for transex girls which look for hide their secrets and fe...