Benefactor's Shield

Thanks for taking a look at how to donate. As you know Transtastic is 100% FREE to use. We don't charge you a fee for different levels or anything annoying like that. We do know that some people like to contribute to the things that they enjoy and boy, do we need help with funding. So if you want to make a contribution then please go ahead now and we'll use it to help keep Transtastic afloat.


And when you've made your donation, drop us a line and we'll put this lovely Benefactor's Shield (left) on your profile page to show that you care enough about your community to help keep it afloat. If you don't want the shield, just let us know. Otherwise, it will stay on your profile for the rest of the calendar year.

Way's To Donate

We have a few of ways you can donate. You can make a one-off donation or you can donate a certain amount each month if you can afford to - whatever is best for you.
If you choose the monthly subscription option then each month the amount you have selected will be deducted from your PayPal account. If you prefer you can use a Credit or Debit card and you can of course cancel at anytime. We won't ask why.

Thanks for caring and helping us to make Transtastic a better place for us all.

Katie x