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    • October 21, 2020 7:37 PM BST
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      Understanding men and their intentions

      Gynemimetophilia is sexual attraction to male-assigned people who look, act like, or are women, including assigned-male crossdressers. It can also refer to an attraction to trans women. A related term is gynemimesis, which refers to a homosexual male who engages in female impersonation without sex reassignment. Both terms originate in a 1984 paper of John Money and Margaret Lamacz. The terms were used by Money for classification purposes in his gender-transposition theory.
      Andromimetophilia (sometimes misspelled as androminetophilia) is sexual attraction to female-assigned people who look, act like men, or are men; including butch women or trans men. The attraction can be to people who have not undergone any physical transition, or to people who have. Originally (and still predominantly) used to describe the men sexually interested in pre-operative transwomen, the term tranny chaser is now being used in FTM communities as well.

      Many members of the transgender community (particularly in the MTF population) use "tranny chaser" in a pejorative sense, because they consider it a fetish-like attraction to the penis of a pre-operative or non-operative transwoman MTF or to the vagina of a pre- or non-operative transman.. In their path breaking book, True Selves, Helen Boyd and Mildred Brown have suggested that tranny chasing men may be homosexual men in denial. The term "tranny" is itself considered a perjorative by the community.
      In "Diary of a Drag Queen" Daniel Harris describes four types of men interested in him while he was cross-dressed, heterosexual men who wanted the presumed superior oral services of another male, homosexuals who were only interested in his genitals, other cross dressers, and men who were intrigued by the mixture of masculinity and femininity he represented.

      *assigned* means gender at birth.

      According to Helen Boyd, "Tranny chasers are the big bugaboo in the crossdressing community, because their very existence suggests that crossdressers are not all as straight as they claim to be. Chasers are willing to give crossdressed men the kind of attention they desire, and that attention (a drink, a compliment) validates the crossdresser's experience, and completes the fantasy of feeling like a woman.

      Trans women on the other hand, with a definate gender identity problem, dysphoria, are very different, in the main appealing to a different type of man, commonly referred to as Tranny admirers, (not to be confused with tranny shaggers) who are seeking a more empathetic relationship, regardless of the woman being pre-op or post-op, where an opposite penis fetish is not usually involved, considerate male may offer, want to reciprocate in the pleasing department. I was once severley castigated in the forums for suggesting a pre-op transwoman engaging in anal sexual encounters with men was normal, the woman perceives herself as female, ergo a straight, heterosexual women, a woman that enjoys anal sex several members here had the opinion that was a disgusting idea, they would never engage with a male, erm, then if they truly present and think they are women, logically that would make them lesbians? choices and ideals are as profound as life itself. Personally sometimes sexual orientation depends soley on who one falls in love with. as in couples staying together after one partner transitions, the love is still there and the others needs and desires are understood and accepted.

      References in pop culture

      Barry Zuckerkorn, a lawyer on the television series Arrested Development has a penchant for transgender prostitutes.
      Matt McNamara, a high school student on the television series Nip/Tuck, learns that a former lover is transsexual and becomes fascinated with them.
      RuPaul's 2009 studio album Champion includes a track titled "Tranny Chaser".

      Cristine Jennifer Shye. B/L. B/Acc
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