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    • August 11, 2020 9:57 PM BST
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      Quote Hannah Louise;

      ''Sorry but, I find it horrifying that someone would purposely call themselves 'Don't Transition'
      If they have experienced a nasty response from being transgender then, I'm sorry but, nobody should even suggest that something so important to an individual with Gender Dysphoria who, has no other option than to transition, is a bad decision to make, just because of their own experiences. Being Trans myself, I can only say that, I've had nothing but support, admiration and positive for the life changing decision I made and, I'm so happy that I went through with it.

      Whilst I admire Hannah Louise, not all of us are blessed with supportive friends and family in the beginning of transition, I have shared my childhood horrors with a few close friends on here. losing my immediate family at a very young age destroyed me. Being what I was did not earn me many real close friends, then there was no empathy or support at school, some would say I was very lucky to look like I do, did. I do agree with Hannah though for ones own personal happiness and contentment people with a genuine gender identity problem should elect to go all the way.

      I was born with a condition, Reifensteins Syndrome, started developing breast at the age of 14, fortunately I was then living with my court appointed guardian, who was understanding of my penchant for wanting to be female, supported me and took me to see councillors eventually just before my 16th birthday I was refereed to Addenbrooks Gene Clinic where I was diagnosed with my condition. At the clinic I met a person with a similar condition she was 14, her parents had her put on a regime of testosterone and steroids, and forced her to have a mastectomy, but it did not change her yearnings and needs, Hannah's main point I think is important, there is no cure, days gone by when electric shock treatment aversion therapy was applied, nothing worked or changed how a person felt about their gender.

      The most important thing though is to remember that not everyone's circumstances are the same, is it easier to transition when one is older, with experience of life and can adopt an attitude to deal with transition, but then life can be complicated with attitudes from work colleagues, friends and relationships based on loyalty and responsibilities, or like me young immature and vulnerable doing a lot of sordid things seeking recognition acceptance and wanting to be loved for what I was.
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    • September 7, 2020 6:45 AM BST
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      Untitled title

      "I do agree with Hannah though for ones own personal happiness and contentment people with a genuine gender identity problem should elect to go all the way."

      It is indeed, as the title says, not that simple. I lost everyone I called a friend and my entire family overnight when I came out as trans. Since then, I made a lot of new friends only to lose all of them (99% of them overnight as well) whenthe first new friend and person I cared about and thought of as if they were family betrayed me and despite all that we went through together and all that I went through up til then because of and for her cost me my career and turned those new friends against me. I have lost every connection to everyone that I ever had and at my age and location there isn't much of a possibility of me finding anyone with whom to make new ones. I am much more comfortable being the new me than before I started transitioning, or at least I was before the stress, depression, and isolation left me with a heart problem and my physical appearance went to shit. Now I hate my body as much as I did before, I am broke and jobless and spent years trying to find a jobsince losing mine and the one after because of that former friend too, I have zero connections to anyone, and I went through a large number of extremely traumatic events that I wouldn't have gone through if I hadn't transitioned. My gender dysphoria was lessened slightly by HRT but I will never be able to afford GCS/SRS or which ever you refer to it as because it would all be out of pocket. Plus, there isn't an electrolysis person within 150 kilometers of me after the one here randomly quit one day and I wanted to get follicle transplant for the balding areas I had that didn't regrow enough to hide them from medication alone.

      This is why I said not to transition. I was miserable before transitioning but I had the means to survive and people to spend time with to have some sort of connection to outside of the internet. Now I am miserable, alone, broke, broken, with no direction or any idea what to do about any of that because I have tried everything I can think of several times and the only thing I got in return was a slightly reduced feeling of gender dysphoria.

      Shana aka the Don't Transition mentioned

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