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  • Topic: Facebook wanting picture ID, cant do it

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    • December 16, 2016 12:42 AM GMT
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      Facebook wanting picture ID, cant do it

      I am a somewhat out MTF. Facebook requiring photo ID. I don't have the true me, legally. Any suggestions?

      Jennifer Hensenn

    • December 28, 2016 9:43 AM GMT
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      Untitled title

      Hi Jennifer,
      Very nice to meet you on here, and nice of you to post on this.

      Did a little researching and came across this page:

      If you have a cell/mobile number, a trick I used to use was, remove it from one profile, wait 24 hours, then use the same cell to verify new profile.

      Legally though, a person only really exists if they have a credit record, thats how banks, companies check up on us.

      A few very simple ways to get a credit record even though the name is not yet legally binding.

      If you have a bank card, say a debit card in your male name, you can write to the bank, explain that you're a M2F and eventually will be living that role and could you have a bank card in your female name on same account.

      Each time you use that card it produces a credit reference record for her, etc etc.

      Credit card companies also allow this.

      As for facebook itself though, just make a new profile, I've had them block my male account for 2 weeks simply because I joined 3 groups too quickly and they saw me as a bot, and after 20+ filled in reports to them of my legal id, still got ignored.

      Burner cells aka unlocked cell phones with sim slots in them also good too,

      cheap one of them, a cheap pay as you go sim card, swap change numbers as you like, no contracts, then you can verify most things with different numbers.

      All legal as you are you at end of day, not like you're trying to impersonate another human being.

      Hope that helps.
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