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  • Topic: Stop and smell the flowers

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    • July 24, 2015 4:21 AM BST
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      I would see a more organic, ie:- pics of flowers, animation of flowers growing, woodland scenery, animals flitting, walking etc by.

      Computers are dumb, well of course they're not but I find no excuse for the pile of crap that they are today, really people? you are an embarrasment.

      I used to use Atari ST, embarrasingly silly computer :) But I loved GEM & still use it if I can over other os's, but here we are just trying to talk about some idea of asthetics and the thing people remember about Atari ST is the desktop, which as standard came with a green background and is enshrined by the website "TheLittleGreenDesktop".

      See how people argue on forums... it is because there are so many people, so many different opinions.... yes, there is that aspect, but what if people argue because they find the astheics displeasing?

      Remember microsoft and apple, then microsoft made the boxes on the screen with rounded edges.

      On the ps4 now, there is a thing called four kings, it's a virtual world, but based around gambling casinos...

      Thing is, it's kinda ok, but there's just no eye candy, no pictures on the walls, large bland tiled flooring, clean edges to any furniture, it really makes one want to cry.

      Thing I always wanted was to have the passing of time, so getting lighter/darker as time progresses.

      Thank you for listening, not demanding anything, just wanting to open the thought processes xx

      Caveats, I like this website, more especially in that it feels more cleanly written than other websites.
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    • July 24, 2015 3:36 PM BST
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      I love my Atari. Using it today. No HDD, floppy disc for cubase program, 2MB of RAM and 4MHz processor, but rock solid, never crashes and out performs most modern PC's due to the nature of its architecture and exclusive use of MIDI, a neglected music making technique which is by far the most versatile. I've never seen the green background because never had a colour monitor.
      This post was edited by Julia Dream at July 24, 2015 3:39 PM BST

      No content on the main feed.  Is this everyone's experience?

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