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Adult Blogs 531 views Oct 07, 2019
Candy Girls visit

This is a writing about my night at Candy Girls.
It is an account of what was a very nice time.
Some erotic content, but not to detailed I think.No names are given. But if any of you that I came in contact with want to supplement the story you are welcome to do so by commenting.
In fact it would be most welcoming. Nice and clean, or down and dirty details that is up to you.
Together we can make a nice count of a nice evening in a nice place.
It all happened, but I might have mixed a bit around the order of things.
If you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, feel free to send me a message and I will update and correct it. Otherwise enjoy.

I got to the hotel around 1630, Perfect timing, plenty of time to get my self ready with no stress.
I sent out a bit of information to some from tvchix, and also logged on to the chatrooms, it is nice to chat a bit while getting ready.

Shower, a tight shaving of the face, and a god cleaning all over, including a good rinse of my bumhole.
Had a drink while doing the make up and chatting a bit, I must admit I was a bit nervous, the other times I have been I have had Cindy come to the hotel to do my make up, but this time I was going to do it my self,
It took some time, but around 2130 I was all dressed in a Burgundy blouse, black skirt and boots, and my blonde wig, And the make up the best I could. Cindy has also ordered the taxi for me, and walked me to it, so again new territory for me, so called and ordered the taxi. Packed a bag with some sparkling wine, a small handbag, make up and other necessities.
When the text came, I grabbed the bag, took the last sip of my drink, and a very deep breathe, and walked out the hotel room. In to the lift, out of the lift and thru the reception, so far so good.
Once outside I looked for the described Taxi, but it was nowhere to be seen. So I called the Taxi company again, They offered to send another one, But I was already outside, it was nice evening and the club is not far from the hotel, so I said no and decided to walk instead.
What a trill. I walked past the Tesco. There where some people there, I would think someone saw me, but I was to occupied trying to walk nice in the heels. Then in to the industrial site. And around the corner to see the entrance to Candy Girls, That was nice I was thinking,  both to see the safety of the club, and knowing I did the walk.
Once inside I went up to the bar to pay my entrance fee and leave my Sparkling wine.and ordered a Cola, I wanted to calm down a bit before drinking anymore.
Went to the dressing room to check the make up. And leave the bag.
I did a walk around the club, some new features since I was there last. In the new cinema thing where already on the way, with some men watching the movie and some of the girls having nice times with their cocks, nice for those who like this, but not really what I prefer. After the walk around I went to the bar to have a glass of wine. It was nice sitting there just soaking in the atmosphere and felling good, talked a bit to some other girls. After some time I got a bit quiet in the bar so I got the bar lady to top my wine, and I headed for the playroom. 2 sexy girls where feeling and caring each other, I watched a bit first, before slowly joining them. It was so nice an hot. Some nice kissing, and I got the first taste of cock for the evening.
A very nice start, after fixing my make up I went to the bar to get some more wine. Some more people there now, so some nice chatting,
When I got back to the play room there where lots more people and lots of play. So I just stayed there watched a bit first, then got involved my self. Had the pleasure of sucking a nice pierced cock of a girl, that was a first for me. Also sucked a girl till she came in my mouth, that is so nice and erotic just swallowing , tasting the nice salty taste of cum. Some girls also had a taste of my now hard and willing cock. I also got the pleasure of getting fucked, not for a long time, but it was very good.
After a bit it just got a bit to crowded in there, so I decided to take a break. I Sat down just outside the room in the sofa, next to a nice and sexy a bit mature lady. Soon we where at it, exploring our bodies, She started sucking me, I think she was there with a master. Or maybe he just liked to control, the Man kept telling her to go deeper down on me, she seemed to like this so I put my hand on her head and pressed a bit every time she went down, it was nice having total control.
The man kept calling her dirty words, it was nice, but after a while it was time for a drink refill.
A mix of bar stops and playroom, very nice.
There was one girl who I think was there almost the whole evening, she must have had a wonderful time, getting fucked, sucked and really got a lot of fun.
In the bar I had talked to a nice man some during the night, I asked if he could take some photos for me in front of the car in the dungeon.
Later at the bar we got a bit more friendly, so I suggested we go to one of the rooms. He took my arm and escorted me to the nearest room. Some nice kissing, I got his warm cock out, it was just the right size, So I got down and sucked him a bit, but I really wanted his cock inside me, so after a bit of fumbling he was ready with a condom on his well lubbed cock. Me on all four on the bed. It was very nice to feel his cock inside me. I really liked to get fucked now, it was so good. When he came  I felt I had been good and properly fucked. I thanked him for the nice time.
The evening was coming to and end. It slowed down. After a nice chatting round in the bar I decided to walk home. I must have walked only about 50 meters when a car stopped, the man inside said he was also coming from Candy Girls and that he would be happy to give me a lift back to the hotel, I was all set on walking, but it was late and I was tired so I accepted, We talked a bit for the short ride to the hotel, When he parked outside we talked a bit more, and it turned a bit erotic, so I thought why not finish the evening with some late night car sex, But it certainly didn't go the way I was expecting, instead of me getting to his cock, he rubbed mine and took it out and started sucking me, very unexpected but very good. It was late and I with a bit to drink so I am not sure if I came, but he sure new how to suck a nice transvestite cock.
We said goodbye, and he drove of. Reaching for my keycard in my bag, I discovered I had lost it.
So all dressed up, with full make up and everything I had to go to the night receptionist to get a new one. He was all polite and didn't seem to care about my looks, he just professionally asked a few questions to confirm I was actually staying there, and just gave me a new card, and that was it.
What an ending to a fantastic night.
Can`t wait to sort out a new date for my next travel to Sunburry and the fantastic club that is Candy Girls

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