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  • 02 Aug 2012
    hey i am new but i wanna intoduce myself  i was born guy but early at 6 years old i loved  dress up witg my mom´s clothes i tried to high heels n make up n yeah i was feeling gud ,well i started school n well all dis  were rely out of myself but in high school a driend i was only 12  gave me a  porn pic where i saw a man  humm hot  having anal sex with agirl  sayin to u i was shy n well i  was surprise of myself coz i wished be the girl n not the man  like my friends  n this night i  tryied n was fingerin my ass n i liked so much thinkin bout dis guy than i hummm u know  after this every day i was trying to wear as a girl i  take my sis clothes n wow i saw me so sexy n hot n always i mastturbate me  while i was as a girl,,n u know i am always wearing femenine clothes n anything girly hehehe  if u wanna know i had a friend 11 years old one years younger than me n playin wid him cards well we ask for what he wants n he wins n wanted  touch my ass i was surprised but ok n he wins 5 or more n always  touchin my ass  hummm so nice i loved this n well i win n  he thought i wanted to touch his ass but i said a lil ashamed i wanna touch ur dick he enjoyed n say ok lol  i touched my 1st dick n after  i wannted touch in real n kiss n well  suck finally same if he won or i won always  i had his dick on my hand or mouth i did my 1st handjob n blow with him we were child but i enjoyed all days he  called me  4 go to hs house or be on mine  on mine  1 day playin n enjoyin i said wait n i  came dressed up as  a girl n well   i didnt care if i won or lose i always enjoyed wid his dick  this day when he saw me as a girl we tried to ****  was hard but finally he fucked me n yeah i loved  n loved him n well i remeber  this days  today i cant forgot this  hope u like my lil story
    1049 Posted by joe bernard
Adult Blogs 331 views Jul 29, 2019
me again

well i am now more older and more femenine i really love to be girl, sometimes i think if i could be with a man but i am so ashamed, i never was with one  i only can watch  shemales movie porn and  think i am this travesti with a man, i love when they are with black men or with other transcry

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