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  • 04 May 2013
    basically I'm just asking a question - so its not a blog as such...I am just enquiring as to what traits a tranny or admirer might have that are annoying...setreotyping is fine as are generalisations...dont worry I've come up with a load already as you can imagine, but I need more - so can you help me pwetty pwease with a cherry on the top!!! xxx
    4429 Posted by Mia Wallace
  • 15 May 2013
    TV/TS in High Wycombe, South East, UK    If you are a sexual or social inadequate please don't waste your time mailing probably don't realise you are either of those so i will give you a couple of helpful pointers:     * Dreadful spelling   * A cock shot, then a load of rhetoric about legal ramifications aimed at Sydney University - I can't work out if you are so halfwitted you think someone would use such a picture or you are trying to look important - to me it makes you look like a Grade A Prat     * No mention of TV/TS as you are worried it will scare away the women (who you will never meet anyway)     * No photo verification     * If you want me to watch you meddling with yourself on cam     * If you want to ask how I am today or if I want to chat     * If your profile is no longer than 2 or 3 lines - especially if you have written 'will fill this in later' and you have been on the site for weeks   * if your profile is one of the many that say 'fun guy looking for fun'   * if you are the male half of a 'couple' 'playing alone'   * 'i don't bite - unless you want me to' - nearly as original as 'fun guy looking for fun'     oh and by the way, before I forget, no I am not interested in becoming your first tgirl experience and if you think u iz a kool muthafuka chatin in dat txt spk 2 me - well please don't bother as I can tell you straight off the bat you're not for me     oh and just to let you know in advance if you send me a friend request or a wink and you live miles away I'll block your profile :)     and yes I'm a bitch
    3714 Posted by Mia Wallace
  • 04 Jul 2013
    Before I start - here is a genuine disclaimer.  I really like this website and the team that run it.     Its however started getting a bit samey. Seriously we got the crowd who offer nothing except 'liking' pictures.  Its their 'contributions' which seem to make up the main feed nowadays. The wit and banter is either getting less to the point of non existance or maybe it is still there (it isn't) but its being drowned in a sea of (I wont use any adjectives as they won't be appreciated) photos.  Apart from the odd one or two users who are genuinely amusing (not those who type 'lol' whilst sat at their PC with a face like a smacked arse) theres nothing much thats edgy or inspiring anymore.   Maybe my mental irregularities have me in a pesemistic bad tempered mood at the moment, its more than likely, but wheres the fun at bitches? Sylvia wrote a blog the other day and no I not kissing her arse because I like her (another trait on here I wont even go there) but its the first time I've read something which made me miss the climax of deal or no deal in quite some time.  Well thought out and well written, most of all interesting...not the usual banal mememememe stuff thats about as interesting as the number of page views it receives reflects.   I know you aren't all as talented as me when it comes to writing, looks, makeup, sex etc (yes my tongue is firmly in my cheek) but surely you have something to offer this world and perhaps even this website.  I'm not the type that sits here moaning and bitching (like others who do try but are so dull and tedious no one shows up to their events or pays any attention to what they write) but this is how I feel.   I've noticed this current campaign of designing flyers for this site to encourage more people to use it.  Why bother?  Sit back and hope someones going to find it who has to something to offer?  Or just get more people here to sit and press a 'like' button.   Yes I know its easy to moan and not so easy to suggest ways of making things better.  I do however have a suggestion.  If some of you lot actually did something that genuinely stimulates others (and no I'm not talking about erections) then in turn more people would join this site and it would become a more diverse and interesting place.  You come to this site otherwise you wouldnt be reading this how about you think of a way of contributing to it?  
    3650 Posted by Mia Wallace
  • 07 Mar 2015
    society is so pro gay/tranny it makes me ill when i see 'trans' people playing the victim card   if you grew a pair and stopped sneaking round wanking yourself half to death whilst looking like a rejected extra from the little britain show, you might actually realise that british society is one cool phenomena and I feel proud to be part of it whatever my life choices might be   we arent in the 70's anymore kids so please stop whining on and bleating about how difficult life is and be proud and you will maybe realise that discrimination starts and ends in your own head. Its probably because you think being trans is wrong that you are such a sneak. I have no time for that shit   that is all   (and isnt it one gorgeous sunny day today)
    3350 Posted by Mia Wallace
3,964 views Dec 18, 2014
Bye Bye Gender Identity Clinic

The Gender Clinic


2009 I had decided enough was enough. I needed help with this horrid transgendered curse which was doing its best to wreck my life. First stop GP. She was great. Second stop a selection of shrinks who referred me to the Gender Clinic as well as diagnosing me as pretty mental. First appointment was a long wait. But when it came it was quite nice being able to spill my guts out to an expert. I think I've been maybe 6 times now. During this period I've changed my name am dosed up on high levels of hormones and lifes great.


A Summary Of Yesterdays Appointment


I love hormones. The serenity from having near zero testosterone in my body. My bits don't work at all anymore which I couldn't care less about. I cannot be arsed with having my bits cut off and i don't like fannies anyway. I'm very single because I haven't got a clue about my sexual orientation and I'm not going to inflict that on anyone, but I do have a cat. People don't treat me as female, but they don't treat me as male either, i'm just different, which I like. I've had mainly very positive reactions to my gender choices. I am reintegrated into regular society. I'm no longer a webcam 'girl'.  My body has become very feminine which does confuse people. Sometimes I wear makeup and a hairpiece sometimes I don't, depends on my mood. Basically I'm a contented little tranny.


Bye Bye


So I'm exactly where I want to be with it all. The happiest I have been in years. So subsequently I have been told I don't have to go anymore. Their job is done, GP still deals with blood tests, hormones etc but thats it. I guess I'm what they would describe as a success story. So apart from one incident in there I have to say thanks to them as they have really helped me turn my life around.

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  • Sophia Steel
    Sophia Steel Im so glad you have arrived at a place where you are happy Gemma xxx
    January 1, 2015 - Report
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Its a blessing to read that you have succeeded in your quest for recognition of your true self !! Take care...Randy
    September 13, 2015 - delete - 1 likes this
  • Estro Naut
    Estro Naut I feel exactly the same about surgeries and transition as a whole.
    February 22, 2016 - Report
  • Terri S
    Terri S I am thinking all the time over the hormones and why did I stop. Met someone and spent 26 years with her, Sex is rare now. So, been thinking about the GP and if I should go and ask to be placed back on the Hormones. I know exactly where you are coming...  more
    November 8, 2018 - Report