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  • 26 Jan 2013
    The Admirer   Blogging or writing it not really my strong point; however I feel that I want to write this one, because it has never happened to me before! I have just engaged in what someone people might describe has lewd behaviour I have, how can I put this, Elizabeth has acquired an Admirer?   For me that is quite an achievement, although not something that I set out to do at all, I’m happily married to my wonderful gorgeous wife Sharon, and don’t have any intentions of developing any sexual relationships with anyone, Although friendship is something that we did set out to find, and to a point we have, but not really in the sort of way!   The nearest that I have come to sex over the internet, is looking at the odd picture or viewing the odd porn movie here and there, and the odd flirty comment to other girls on Transtastic. (Come on, we’ve all done it?)   Those of you who don’t know me will know I’m not the smallest Tranny on the block, there are some really stunning girls on here who are simply gorgeous, but then again looks aren’t always everything, however when I’m outside or in the Village I do try and look nice, and wearing the right type of clothes that I do, makes me feel very comfortable and confidant as to attract the odd bit of attention now and then, but like I said before that’s not my intention to lead anybody on, I’m a Straight Cross dresser and it’s just who I am. I mean, I would never dream of wearing some of the skirt’s that I have at home – Out, they are just for “Home” I  believe that I have a nice personality,  (Smiles Softly) and sometimes that’s all that’s needed.   Right, back to my new friend, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the odd chat and admiration from the nice chap, me being me, didn’t really want to engaged in anything like the 50 shades of grey on line, or in real life come to think of it ! But my new admirer has been quite sweet, as to not push and demand and basically pester the arse of me. It does start to get juicy I promise! Anyway earlier in the week I received a message from our friend, saying he wanted to chat on the phone and come to our home and meet us? Straight away I said you’ve no fooking chance matey! Having thought about what I said to this sweet, yes sweet guy, my thought process started, covering the possibility of a meet? We here so many stories of girls who have done this sort of thing, and it’s turned out a disaster! So Thursday I went out and bought a sim card, 75 pence for a vodaphone one, then activated it with a £5 top up! Simple, I now have a phone number that’s SAFE!   So last night (Friday) I was online and he popped up asking could he chat to me on line, so I said I have a number for you if you would like that? I think at that point he dropped the computer or something, because there was a break in his typing?(smiles devilishly) So he started chatting again and was happy to, however I did say that I would never call him, he would have to call me, that took no persuasion at all, so off we go, chatting that is, lol.   After the initial chit chat of how are you and so on, and once again asking to come to our home, he became quite aroused, saying how much he adored my pictures, at that point I said “are you positive that you are looking at the right pictures” ,to which he replied “yes Elizabeth who does the Radio Show”! So off he continued saying how much he wanted to stoke my legs, and maybe touch my bum! Then asked if I had a picture I could send him, so my reply was, “yes have a look on my profile” but he was on his phone, so I sent him a Fantastic Leg Shot, lol, of me of course! Which by that time had him moaning and groaning and wanting to shoot “His Load” over my legs? well at first, I was a little embarrassed! (Ok loving it really) that someone was actually having a wank over the phone, over a picture of my legs! So I sort of got into the swing of things, by encouraging him on and asking would he liked to rub his swelling cock over my black shiny Nylon clad legs, to which he replied, “ I have just come over your legs” “SORRY”    “Technology” it’s wonderful! :D   Tune in for an update in a week or two!   Be Safe!   Hugs & Kisses Elizabeth xxx
  • 09 Feb 2015
    Well i was supposed to write this yesterday, but i really did fall asleep! Anyway here we go, Saturday the 7th was finally upon us, after months of trying to put it together, we did it!  After a bit of a mix up in the tea rooms, we moved to Via for welcoming drinks, Pauline stayed at the tearooms to point any late comers towards Via. We headed off around one making sure everyone was happy, so if you think of Reservoir dogs soundtrack (little green bag i believe) along canal street we headed out of the village for our photo shoot, Manchester watch out, were on our way!  Being the first time i had organised anything like this before, i had no idea how the day was going evolve, but to my surprise it evolved quite well. We headed up Chorlton street on to Portland into Piccadilly Gardens. Trines and Debbie leading the way. Well all know the new 50 shades of grey movie is out soon, but even the sheep look on as Gemma treated everyone to the whole V3 experiance!  Born this way? Many of us are indeed, and Amy Michelle is well and truly born that way, it was nice to see her out again, doing what she does best - hogging the bloomin camera!  Dee really wanted to get her boobs out, just like the statue, but we persuaded her not to it really was to cold! So after a while walking around the gardens taking in the lovely Manchester sights, a trip into Debenhams then on for a spot of lunch in the northan quarter then off to the Arndale then into Selfridges, then heading back to Paddys in the Village. Like i said earlier, I've never done anything like this before, one thing that has made me realise is that very few people actually read you, ok you may get the the odd stare, but everyone just walk's on by.  Being in the presence of some really awesome people helped of course, but if i could offer any advice to anyone out there, just go and do it - there's nothing to be ashamed of, you are who you are, be who you want to be in the real world and not just behind a computer screen. Until the next one!  Hugs The New Faces of Transtastic x Photo's published with the kind permission of Caroline x
  • 11 Jan 2013
    Well it's that time of year again, Yes Brit Awards Time,   The Nominations have been released, and it looks like Emeli Sande is dominating again !   But She Does Look Fabulous !   But Who's your Favourite this Year ? Taylor Swift, One Direction, Robbie Williams, Stooshe ?? this list is goes on.......
  • 29 Jul 2012
    Well i have read quite alot of bloggs on here since joinging back in Febuary, not beeing a creative writer or anything like that, this my blog so here goes.   Over the last few months i have tried to think why i am what i am!, reading different articles here there and everywere and thinking back to my childhood.   My first experience of dressing was around 12-13, when one of my mums friends passed on a Electric blue bodycon style dress, thinking to myself, god thats nice, but why do i like it? so a few weeks went by and i got the urge to try it on, so off i went into my mums room and dug it out but also took out a bra knickers, stockings and suspenders, tried them on, wow why iam i doing this i thought to myself, so off they came, and threw them behind my drawers. Well a couple of days went by and was outside with some friends when mum shouted me in,  well my mums face, have you got a problem? i don't know how they got there!   Well a few years went by, and a girl in my form at school asked if i wanted to go out with her friend, so i said yes, so out we went and one of the first things that caught my eye was the fact that she was wearing sheer black tights, the ones with little black spots on, funny thing is the ones that seen to be fashion these days lol.   Anyway, time went on and we got on, and boyfriend and girlfriend we became. we went through school together then college. Beeing at my girlfriends house one day we were both joking about female clothing and wearing different items of clothing and then before you know it  i'm up stairs trying on items of her clothing. calling down to her, she  said ok you've done it now, get them off and come down.   Another couple of years went by and the next thing it's a rainy day in October (6th) our Wedding day! one thing i did love was the fact the she wore white tights instead of stockings, hehe, but that was  just me! well it was our wedding night, and no i'm not going into detail, but you can imagine what happend. The following July our lovely daughter Hannah was born.   You have now probably realised now, that my childhood sweetheart is my gorgeous wife Sharon, we are more than husband and wife we are best friends as well.   About two years ago, WE both decided that Liz should start to come out more, (well in the house only) for now anyway, so off we both went shopping for clothes, in drab, lol. i would be quite shy about trying to look, but also showing a keen interest in what Sharon was choosing for Liz.   Well this now brings us to July 2012, and yes we have just had Sparkle and yes Saturday 14th July 2012 was the first time Liz stepped out. Although i did have an absolute disaster, well in the make up department anyway, beeing so nervous, i left my makeup bag at home!!! anyway we borrowed and made do, with the help of some really good friends, which now brings me to my next paragraph.   This paragraph is dedicated to the FANTASTIC TRANSTASTIC people that we have meet on here, and without them Liz would still probably still be at home! Amy Michelle, a big thank you to you girlfriend, it would'nt of happened without you! xxx Thanks to Chloe and Annie for the first meet (we got over thinking we was about to be tied up) lol sorry had to get that one in. Julie Hawkwood, for beeing at the other end of an E-mail and the OOOP North Drab Drink, another fantastic social event and really good for the wags. Lady Rebbeca of Devon, for setting up such a Fantastic Site, Thank You Becca xx. Pauline Smith for your Wise Words of Wisdom, April "the hat" Harvey, also for great advice and long chats! There are other girls i have chatted to but i could go on and on! but you know who you are!!! xxx   So today is Friday 27th July 2012 and i have just come out to my daughter, what can i say! Hannah's responce was; I already kind of guessed that you was (a tranny that is) i was just wondering how to go about asking you if you was! This evening i had the Biggest Cuddle Ever! and Hannah is really cool about it!   I know that i have probably gone on a bit, but like i said at the begining, my words!!!   Love To You, Liz xxx  
3,563 views Aug 16, 2015
Bursting the bubble again!
Ok I know this blog isn't full of cock shots and all things kinky - but hey it is a little different! Yesterday myself and Shar went to a wedding reception and in my moment of madness I said "fuck it I'm going in girlie mode". So I started getting ready to the amusement of Shar, saying people won't know where to look, anyway I got ready and off we went, presant in hand. I wasn't feeling nervous, just good to be getting out again, although in a very straight and normal atmosphere. We arrived and I walk straight in greeted Sammy the bride and her new husband, to her amazement it was me Ian - but Liz! Having a mingle with the muggels and a chat to work colleagues, to my amazement no one actually read me apart from my work mates, who knew about Liz but had never actually met for real, apart from my ill fitting shoes being to big - yes to big I had a pleasant evening and it was a change from the norm! The moral to my blog is, if you dress with right attitude then why can't all of you lovely girls get out there and burst the bubble! Till next time, Hugs Liz x

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  • Marianne Field
    Marianne Field Lovely Liz - but it sounds a bit like Post Marital Dress to me xxx
    August 19, 2015 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Lisa Tart
    Lisa Tart Good on you Liz! You've certainly got balls (no pun intended). I am so not convincing. I would only meet someone in private. But you are an inspiration xx
    August 21, 2015 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Trines    x x
    Trines x x Yes, very well done Liz. There'll be no stopping you now! As Lisa so delicately puts it, it's all down to balls! I publicly disclosed nearly 3 months ago and have lived as Trines full time since. At 6'3" plus heels I do not easily 'pass' but I have...  more
    August 23, 2015 - 4 like this - Report
  • Trines    x x
    Trines x x On second thoughts, it might be a little different if I was Trines only on a part-time basis. I think people who know me respect my full-time commitment. Some of them might think otherwise if I switched about. x x
    August 23, 2015 - 4 like this - Report