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  • 13 Sep 2013
    I’ve just had one of the most amazing experience’s since my days as a professional musician in the 1980’s with a with a beautifully Transsexual called Lora G and GG Nikki Lunden and their Band, although Lora and everyone are now back in LAI will be returning to the UK next year, and hopefully I will be playing with the band then   It is funny how things work, if it hadn't been for Beckie running Transtastic which I joined a few years ago, and last year Fiona Cole accepted me as one of the DJ’s on Transtastic radio which reached worldwide and I invited people to send in their own music and had response from Columbia, the UK and the USA, which is when a friend of the Lora G band JONIE VOIX got in touch asking me to play Lora G’s music on the radio   Shortly afterwards Lora introduced herself in the hope that I could help to put her in contact others able to give the band work, or if I was able to help get them work. I haven’t been active in the scene she needed for many years and was unable to help. They came from the States on a promotion tour with just two London gig’s and one gig in Edinburgh   Although well-known on LA scene with the original singer being Nate Tao who was a top 40 male contestant on America Idol.   It would be easier to say who Lora G hasn’t been in contact with, she has 5 Emmy Awards, 3 Edward R. Murrow Awards, Scripps Howard Award, NAPTE IRIS Award, Community & Government Service honors.   Nikki Lunden merged with Lora G replacing Nate Tao as lead singer: Nikki Lunden opened for David Lowry and Johnny Hickman of Cracker, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Melissa Ferrick, Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey, sharing festival bills with Spin Doctors, Gin Blossoms, 7 Mary Three, and has recently performed with Micki Free of Shalamar.)   Although I didn’t have a lot of time to find out much about Kimberley Smith, who is an extremely good backing vocalist, again was such a great person to be with one couldn’t help but feel love all for those that made up the band   The Lora G drummer is Gerry Doot who was in a British Punk band back in 1977 called Animal Games and released an album by the same name, which was then included on the compilation album called ‘London The Punk Rock collection’   Andy Catt The bass player with the Lora G band is Norwegian living in the States and what a talented bassist, Joco, Stanly, Na Andy Catt and very cool   Description of the Lora G band The Lora G and Nikki Lunden Band is comprised of a group of incredibly talent musicians and singers—all who have their own bands and/or solo albums or individual recording projects. These core members come together because of their love of creating original music, love of each other and belief in the band. Because their material is so varied, they call it: Alternative Eclectic Rock The members of Lora G Band and Nikki Lunden who played in the UK are: Lora G—Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriter, Co-Producer Nikki Lunden -Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Kimberley Smith—Vocals  Andy Catt—Bass, Vocals, Guitar Gerry Doot-drums and percussion Business Manager: Dennis Kennelly   On arrival at Heathrow Airport they spent 30 hours trying to get through custom’s being held because they were here to promote the band instead of to earn loads of money from the gig’s No one would believe them which is when they first made contact with me, but again I was not in a position to help them, and all I could do was suggest they get in contact with one of the gig’s they were playing at to see if they would stand as guarantor, and they were fortunate the Landlord from the Patricks Bar Crystal Palace was able to help   Although it was slow going for them when they first arrived, and only had two gigs when they first touched down, through their own determination and hard work spending hours searching the net, managed to achieve more than many bands resident in London and the UK. They were here for 18 days and ended up doing 17 gigs, by the time they left, 2 of these on the same day. They played at the Edinburgh Fringe festival the world's largest arts festival, all the time staying in contact with the bands followers back in LA,   Nikki Lunden knackered still found time to smile whilst making a video of their arrival to Edinburgh, ‘after a 12 hour drive on the wrong side of the road in the rain, narrow roads, oncoming traffic, ugghh what a night!! Way to go Andy for getting us here and not knocking me out for my back seat driving!! – Nikki’   Returning to London, they played the New Cross Inn which was my chance to meet up with them. But before the band arrived this much taller person than I (being only 5’8”) introduced themselves, who was our very own Beckie Cannon in drab, who I didn’t recognise, never seen before lol I was also in drab, and Lora later in the week would asked where are all the TG’s in the UK not having met a single one the whole time she was here? and I had to agree with her that the Transgender scene in the States seems a lot more open than here.   Shortly after the Lora G and Nikki Lunden band turned up, which gave me a very brief moment to introduce Beckie who Lora thought was really handsome, and I introduced myself as Jady from Transtastic. Lora G was pleased to meet us, then went to work organising and setting up to play, and asked me to video the show which was a 40 minutes set which although not a Hugh audience went down really well, however I missed saying goodbye to Beckie when she left, becoming very involved with the band   Once the band had completed the set, I mentioned that I would really enjoy playing with the band and Lora knowing I was a sax playing through my profile on Transtastic said ‘what would you play’ Having played her music on Transtastic radio I knew one of the songs that rocked called ‘Hear Me’ which I suggested to Lora who turned to bass player Andy Catt, who had joined us, both said he knows the number, and Lora replied ‘yeah come on down to Patricks Bar in Crystal Palace on Saturday   Being a 67 OAP and at times feeling my age I almost didn’t bother to go but thought why not go along even if I didn’t play but as I walked into Patrick’s Bar Lora came forward making me feel part of what was happening by giving me a hug and straight away introduced me to everyone saying here’s our sax player.   They played 3 numbers before inviting me to play their song ‘Here Me’, and partly to cover themselves because they didn’t know me but were confident in themselves to give me a chance to prove myself Nikki Lunden introduce me by saying give Jady a big welcome it’s his first time playing with us so we don’t know what’s going to happen.    After the song finished which went down really well, she was full of praise and having been introduced to their finance manager who come up giving praise saying ‘wow you rock you really took the roof off’ and everyone made me feel so good, that when Lora invited to play their next gig in East London I was more than happy   Although I didn’t have too much time to ask Lora questions I asked her had she transitioned and she said ‘yes completely’ and was a woman, and the only thing she was unable to do was give birth, although she does have 3 grown up daughters, one of which is at University here in the UK   Lora G is such an amazing person I don’t think there was anyone she didn’t touch, who didn’t end up thinking they were sharing a very special moment. The next gig was at the George Tavern, which Pauline Forster an English artist, performer, musician, designer and landlady of The Tavern in the East End of London, and where Jamie Lovatt a singer and frontman of the band Romance works running the bar, was to meet Lora G and Nikki Lunden then  join the Abbey Road session backing vocals on Nikki Lunden’s new release ‘Where Love Lie’s’   Although I wasn’t asked at this time to go into the Abbey studio, I was invited to play at the club Proud in Camden which was the first of two gigs’ in one evening about 4 miles apart, so I decided to use my car to get to the first gig which is about 7 miles from me, to start at 8 pm, and then onto the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street with some of the bands gear to originally start at 10,20 pm   We got to the 12 Bar club (2nd gig) at 10pm when as I pulled up to unload my car, an African traffic warden moved in and said ‘you cannot park there’ but I said 'I am only going to be a couple of minutes' his reply 'well make sure you are' we unloaded and went in the club just after 10 pm expecting to play at 10.20 but didn’t go on until gone 11..25 pm because another act was booked and Lora G was the main act of the evening   At 11.22 the c--- of a warden put a parking ticket on the car stating I was unlawfully parked in a disabled bay for 2 minutes until 11.24, however I’ve appealed against the ticket because 1/ there is no disabled bay in Denmark Street the bay I had pulled into was a Permit Holders Only bay and 2/ at 11.22 I took a photo with my mobile phone of the act performing before Lora G went on stage.   Then at 11.25 took another photo of the Lora G bands first number and then shortly after was playing with the band which the whole club could prove, that I was in the club taking photos of the band before performing the numbers that I was playing, and even have the time of the shot’s on the phone lol    The gig went great and Lora said are you coming to the Abbey Road studios? And thinking only vocals were being recorded for their new song said ‘I don’t know maybe if I can get there, but it would be later than they started. I decided to go and give support to the band   I thought I can’t walk into the most famous studio in the world without my instrument, you never know there may be a band that wants some sax, and even when I got to the reception desk I wasn’t sure if my name had been left, or if I would even get in and meekly said I’m with the Lora G band   She replied ‘oh yes you are expected’ (which made me feel really chuffed) ‘I will call them and get one of the studio staff to take you through’ when they came I said ‘Is there any where I can leave my sax cause I don’t think I am playing’ and he replied ‘You can leave it there but I thought they said that you are recording’, which made me perk even up more then said ‘oh alright I will bring it with me’.   The last time I stood in a studio at Abbey Road was about 1972 with a band called ‘The Soul Stars’ given a chance with a free recording session by EMI, but messed it up and lost out. So by now I am feeling really good, here I was having just meet this band, had played 4 gig’s and in the most famous studio’s in the world, All in just one week     By now my feelings for Lora G had grown so much for this very special person, I really can’t say enough about her or the whole band, and when I walked into the studio everyone who respected her automatically accepted me, and I was made to feel very welcomed by Lora who gave me with a hug   When I went down to play I had no idea what was expected. The bass player and second vocalist Kimberly had left the UK early, who’s parts were to be added at a later date once back in LA, so first Lora G and Gerry Doot the drummer had laid down a guide for the vocals to sing over, then Nikki Lunden and Jamie Lovatt had laid down their parts and finally I went down to play.   Being a Nikki Lunden composition I asked her to go down into the studio booth and conduct where she wanted me to play then it was 1, 2, 3, 4, blow, I think most artist are their own worst critics and I really didn’t think I played good, but we played through the song about 4 times and everyone said ok that’s sounds good, and that was it   Then Tony Billings Station Manager & Presenter at Exosphere Radio, Gerry, Jamie, Lora plus the two recording engineers, then came down into the studio and Nikki Lunden then got down on one knee and proposed to Lora G who accepted with the rest of us applauding and congratulating,   Lora then took us all out for a slap up meal with a magnum of Champaign, when I was able to learn a little bit about her past, those that she’s played with, plus some of the missions, beliefs, and the things that matter to her   She has an Amy of loyal followers, and helpers and although I’ve meet many ‘STARS’ during my 40 years of playing none have been as beautiful a person as Lora G. Her trails have given her strength without the nastiness that often ambitious people become and everyone agreed that we had shared a very special moment in time   It wasn’t to be the total end of my involvement with Lora G, on the Saturday I had gone to Denmark Street in the West End to take some photo evidence for the parking ticket Had I gone into the street the way I normally do which is from the other end; what happened next was so unbelievable it questioned my belief regards fate, I had cycled up to the street in the West End, and as I went into that end of the street I just about heard a voice call out Jady   Something made me look around and standing on the corner with a load of band gear was Lora G, Nikki Lunden and Gerry Doot, who should have flown to Paris but because they had so much gear had to rebook a flight from Luton Airport instead of Heathrow, and were in the process of selling gear unable to take it with having received sponsored from Hiwatt amplifiers who had given Lora a whole new bass stack, so I looking after the gear they couldn’t take back for them    I’ve never been one for fate but a string of coincidence or what? I do know my feelings well up inside when I think that I’ve had this amazing ride with very beautiful TS, and a great band, witnessed an engagement and just keep thinking wow, what a ride every time I think about having played 4 gigs and recorded in the most famous studio’s in the world, all in one week.
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  • 31 Jan 2012
    Hi girls, this old bird is a bit out of touch with internet slag and came across HPW's? I am sure someone here can enlighten and tell me what the eaning is, thank's in advance X 
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  • 03 May 2012
    My first trip to the Manchester Concord was on the 25th of April, and having visited Canal Street whilst attending Sparkle in 2008, and having a drink at a couple of bars when first arriving  in Manchester  the previous Saturday, I  was just expecting  another nightclub.   I was fortunate to be a guest of Pauline Smith who is a moderator for Transtastic and although she had posted a link of the Manchester Concord at which I had quickly looked over but was still pleasantly wrong about being just another club.   I found it to be a very busy but friendly meeting point. Although the bar was very busy it was not the main feature, there were other events going on, one was NSHR Ltd selling, and also restyling wigs for a very reasonable price which I took advantage of, to cut a fringe on one of my wigs I had taken along, and has since become my favourite.   Although being my first visit I found everyone very friendly and was made to feel very welcome. It is somewhere one would make friends very easily, unlike some clubs that I have been too which although I am a very confident person felt alienated, even having walked out of the first club that I ever went to dressed.   I was living on my own and didn’t have too many friends at the time and like a lot of TG’s who start to dress wanted to go out and have some fun and meet other people like myself. I first started attempting to go out dressed in the early 1990’s living in South East London and although it was very exhilarating it was also very dangerous.   I had just moved into a house and felt that from a distance of over 10 feet was very passible being a size 12 to 14 weighing 156 pounds with long fair hair and a nice bum. However one of the other occupants of the shared house living in the basement flat had seen me leave the house and chased after me.   I took off my black high heels and legged it around the corner running in front of a car that pulled up to help, leaning over to the cars passenger door as if to open it then saw me up close in daylight and drove off, but fortunately was enough to deter the person chasing me.  He later confronted me in a hostile manner but not having caught me I denied it and shortly after moved.   Other times I would drive to the west end of London and sit outside this particular club watching in those days what were termed as ‘Trannies’, wishing and thinking one day I want to go in.     If I hadn’t moved into a self-contained flat, where living in the flat opposite was a young woman who had known a young gay friend from her school days, and who was now working as a dancer in the London club called ‘Heaven’s Fruit Machine’ possibly I may never have plucked up the courage to go out and have the fun that I have had both in Manchester and in London since.   Not everyone is lucky enough to come across a situation like mine and having searched know it can be costly using services such as Transformation and escorts to venture out for the first time.   I did go to a society which met on the first Sunday of each month for tea and biscuits, where TG’s sat discussing their problems which most of us now accept as everyday living and enjoy instead of feeling guilty, knowing we are not perverts with something wrong with us but instead enjoying dressing and meeting others doing exactly the same thing.    Being a member of a site such as Transtastic one can easily forget that outside of the safe environment we create for ourselves, is a world which can be very hostile. Recently there was something stating that they had found a way to ‘cure being gay’ as though it’s an illness.   Fortunately with today’s technology the addition of the www gives us so much access to information you could only find in magazines often only in seedy sex shops after the gay and lesbian section.   Many of the TG’s that I know are into sex weather with men or with other TG girls but not all are. Some just want to enjoy being in touch with the feminine side, dressing and meeting friends for a chat and a drink which is where I think Manchester scores over London.   On one hand you have the Manchester Concord which seems to be a good meeting point for girls getting together for a night out before moving onto somewhere like Napoleons where I danced my tush off all night long.   How I wish somewhere like Manchester Concord existed when I first started dressing and here’s a message to any wanna bee’s, get out and enjoy yourself, you will not find a safer more friendlier place to start than the Concord
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  • 29 Feb 2012
    Hi everyone, I went to LacyLadies where I was approached by someone of ethnic origin hoping to get into my knickers. However he wasn’t very bright or subtle and unbelievably wasn’t even aware his comments were offensive.   He came up and put his hand down my knickers then grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his groin, then said ‘don’t you have big hands’ then in the next breath asked ‘are you a builder’ as though this was something complimentary.   I replied ‘you certainly don’t know how to talk to girls’ and walked away. He realized later what had transpired and pleadingly asked ‘is there any chance’? To which I replied mockingly ‘No’   I thought it might be fun to ask: ‘what is the worst someone could say whilst attempting to pull you’
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23,279 views Oct 07, 2012
St Audries Bay Holiday camp

St Audries Bay holiday camp


This was my first visit to St Audries Bay and as the title suggest it a holiday camp but with a difference, a little bit of magic for every TG girl who has wanted to be whom they really want to be 24/7 set in the beautiful county of Somerset.


If you are familiar with Trans living or the Belmont Society, or tvChix then possibly you may have heard of this event which has taken place twice a year in May and September for the last 10 years. I only aware of this amazing situation through playing with the band KinkyMinx who I also accompanied at this year’s Sparkle.


St Audries is in a remote area and described as a wonderful, sleepy location by the sea on the north Somerset coastline. The holiday camp taken over by t girl’s, their partners and admirers for a week, have chalet, although basic , are very passable and the cost is very reasonable, basically about £160 for the week shared accommodation.


They have a Restaurant, bar and dance hall where they have a DJ plus entertainment.  There is self-service breakfast with a waiter who serves the food to the table. There are stalls selling wigs, dresses and beauty products and a reception shop which sells stationery.


In the grounds there is mini golf, or should that be putting green? Croquet, and tennis, there is also an indoor swimming and sauna, and to top this there are steps leading to a quiet secluded beach which I spent time enjoying as my photos show


Unfortunately rather than looking after this amazing situation, there are those who post negative write ups, mainly to do with disagreements between the entertainments management and various organisations 


 Most of the complaints seem to me to be from people possibly expecting too much and forgetting that it is far from a normal situation.


The nearest village is Willinton a couple of miles from the camp, with a pub called the Foresters

Where I played with KinkyMinx on the 22nd September which can be seen again in my photos with some of the girls from the camp who support the band, and the nearest Town is Watchet where we played on the Friday at a pub called the Esplanade.


It really is amazing walking around in broad daylight and being accepted by shop assistances as though thing‘s are normal apart from a few humorous glances from passes by and I would recommend this holiday to everyone and I am in the process trying to reserve accommodation, and hope to be back in May


 Hi, thanks for all the feedback I received for my blog. I am including the full address for those wanting to contact the camp and find out more.


Kentisbury week at St Audries
St Audries Bay holiday camp
West Quantoxhead
Nr Minehead
TR4 4DY 

Telephone: 01984632515

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