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  • 22 Dec 2016
    Well what a year 2016 was for me. From being only able to show my stocking clad legs to full facial pics and then taking myself out in to the real world. It has been quite a road of discovery going from fear and worry about showing myself to feeling comfortable in myself to reveal who I am and hopefully dressing appropriately for a woman.   I have more knowledge about who I am. I am sure I do not want to go down the surgery route as I am happy with my body (and my plumbing) and I am also aware of the risks that any medical procedure takes. I would though like to have a more feminine body shape and hair. I am sure that being me is not just a sexual thing and I enjoy transforming myself in to a woman rather than the excitement or gratification of wearing female clothes. I find that as me I feel at peace and relaxed and just happier. I felt in 2016 for the first time in years that I am attractive, and positive about life rather than it being different shades of grey and drudgery.   The hard reality of my life is that I must be the husband and father figure first and because of where I live and work the ability to become full time or even part time, for now, seems to be an impossible dream. It will just be evening dressed and the occasion morning or night out, hopefully though I can extend this and actually feel confident to interact socially and be out.   What I am grateful for is the support from my friends on here that have made things so positive and have encouraged and supported me. Even with the various issues with the change of ownership this site has been a great resource and outlet for me. Without you lot (some close to home some very far away) 2016 would not have been possible and I would like to thank you and wish you the best for the holidays and 2017.
    737 Posted by Sara Calypso
  • 19 Mar 2017
    The last few weeks I have found that some people out there are more interested in stealing other photos and trying to pass them off as someone they are not. I find that this is not only sad but also for people who they end up communicating with or accepting a friend request from a fraud. This community and who we are is a myriad of colours, shades and tones where we are all trying to find who and where we are, so that we can be comfortable with ourselves for our own sanity. Though I probably register as non-binary or switch I have nothing against those that are fully transsexual or those that just enjoy dressing for kinks or to feel relaxed. I do not though borrow or steal pictures as I feel it is important that with anyone I interact with that I am me and they can see who I am. Acceptance and truth are vital in any community and between people and allow us to choose who and why we interact with people. Those profiles and people that hide behind stolen photos are frauds and not only that but are  damaging themselves and their appearance to the community, they cause a lot of hurt to the people they steal from and those victims who ultimately feel duped by them. This comunity allows you to be out to any degree, state or not at all as is your choice and right.  How can you expect acceptance if you can not be true to others and yourself?
    535 Posted by Sara Calypso
  • 20 Aug 2016
    Having been away for a few weeks I returned home to that need and desire  to become me.  I slapped on some make up in a haphazard way and just put on some jeans and flats.  I suddenly realised that being me is no longer the thrill or sexual fetish that it once was, but more the feeling of peace within me when I am me.  As I sat there in front of the mirror I could have become critical of my badly applied makeup or my too thick eyebrows but instead I just saw a beautiful girl, relaxed in comfortable clothes staring back at me, I saw ME. The pressures of the previous few weeks disappeared and a sense of calm descended on me. I could have cried, not in sorrow or confusion about where I am in life, being neither male nor female, but instead I smiled at the feminity I could see and the satisfaction that I had being me.  I have started to come out of my cocoon and become the butterfly that I know I really am. Sara Calypso    
    291 Posted by Sara Calypso
Member's Blogs 494 views Aug 19, 2018
Secret society acceptance

As a trans person we face a multitude of discrimination and hatred directed towards us by those who through either negligence, religious bigotry or just through misunderstanding feel that we are either some sex fetish or an abomination.  It is with great interest that the time and tide are changing and that acceptance is happening and being forced by equality legislation that has been enacted.  It is great to read that one of the most secretive (if that is to be believed) societies, that itself has been subject to misinformation and discrimination has opened it door to those in and of the trans spectrum.  

Transgender women should be allowed to remain Freemasons if they joined as men, the largest UK lodge has said.

Expelling masons for transitioning was "unlawful discrimination", the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) warned.

Women who transition to become men should also be allowed to join, its new gender reassignment policy states.

The guidance document says that a Freemason's gender reassignment should be "treated with the utmost compassion and sensitivity".

Irrespective of gender identity, the UGLE's 200,000 members will still formally be referred to as "brothers", the document says.

But informally they should be addressed "by the name and title he/she has chosen".

It warns that using a mason's transition as a reason for excluding them from a men-only lodge would be "unlawful discrimination and so could never constitute sufficient cause".

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  • Cristine Shye.  BL. B/acc
    Cristine Shye. BL. B/acc Did you know if your honoured with the title Lord before you transition, you will always be referred to as my Lord, in Parliament or court, regardless of how you are dressed, there is no facility to amend the register of Lords. If you are honoured...  more
    August 25, 2018 - 1 likes this
  • Cristine Shye.  BL. B/acc
    Cristine Shye. BL. B/acc And as to men only? questionable in law, if someone joined as a man and then changed gender, would need to go to the HC for a formative ruling, I think the same would apply to the woman's...  more
    August 25, 2018 - 2 like this