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Member's Blogs 462 views Feb 20, 2019
Hi I'm Alana a pre op mtf who on April 8th I have my grs at charing Cross a decision that wasn't taken lightly. You see in life we all make decisions whether it be what we are doing one day or another or what's for tea or go for a drink. But for most trans cds and tvs there decisions are a whole lot more complicated. I came out as trans many moons ago and my family thought and even I thought it was a phase so I put it to the back of my head but still told them I like to dress I even lost my wife and 2 beautiful daughters from the decision I made. But as I was dressing more I became more moody until I couldn't cope anymore. I went and seen my gp and told them what was happening that I couldn't cope with just dressing and that I wanted to be alana full time. They referred me to charing Cross and they where amazing telling me how long the wait is and all the complications with hrt. I went back home and that is when I had to make decisions I told family who where supportive except my father I had to sell my business and also divorce from my wife of 5yrs it was heartbreaking but people say I was selfish but how could I be living a lie. So many trans and crossdressers live a lie and can't get out of what's happening so make the decision of either being happy or live a lie. Me now I'm happy but nervous about the new road I'll be going down xxx

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  • Sylvie N
    Sylvie N Good luck with your forthcoming surgery, had mine in Brighton a few years ago with Mr Thomas. The inner peace felt afterwards just has to be experienced, no words can describe it adequately. xx
    March 3, 2019 - 1 likes this
  • Gillian. Johnson
    Gillian. Johnson Dear Alana, I hope that your GRS went well and you are recovering with the help of your accepting family, I wish you all the best for the future, take care, xxxx
    May 26, 2019