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Adult Blogs 2,044 views Sep 15, 2016
From buddies to...fuck buddies


In high school, I was friend to a guy, named Matt. He was a good dude, who was kind, funny, and had his choice of any girl on campus. As we left high school, I lost touch with my buddy, though I always kept an eye on his life through social networking. Through this medium, I learned he was married but divorced shortly, thereafter. About the time of his divorce, I was undergoing my transition into a female. Before our ten-year high school reunion, I completed my transition from my old high school self into Gina Maria. Safe to say, I was excited, as the days to my reunion inched closer. On the night of the event, I was ready to introduce my new self to the world. That evening, I wore a black, leather dress with cocoa stockings, which showed off my long legs. Safe to say, I turned heads the moment I entered the local bar hosting the event. Soon, I ran into Matt, and shook his hand. However, I did not tell him about my transition. In fact, I don’t think he initially recognized me. Later in the evening, I spoke to Matt more and more, learning how his divorce almost destroyed him and ruined his faith in women. As he spoke, I could tell my once-buddy was into me. He kept sizing my long legs, and looking up my skirt, every time I drank my wine. At midnight, Matt revealed that he felt like he knew me for years. I laughed and just shrugged him off. But Matt was, and still is, very smart. As he looked at my face, he whispered my once-male name. Of course, I could not deny it any longer. I told Matt that I, too, underwent some changes. After a few more drinks, I thought we should head back to my place. We played some pool, our favorite childhood game. As I bent over, my skirt rose, and revealed my ass every time I took a shot. Matt smiled, as I bent over and teased him with my now-female ass. I asked him to teach his specialty trick shot to me. At my request, Matt placed one hand on my thigh and leaned into my ass. I could tell he was hard. Before he let go, I kissed him on the cheek. He closed his eyes, and I inched closer to his lips, while I pulled his face closer to me. Then, I inserted my tongue into his mouth. Turning my body around, Matt grabbed my ass, and lifted myself onto the table. He pulled off my panties, and I lifted my legs over his head. He unzipped his pants and began inserting his huge shaft into my ass, slowly going deeper in every thrust. Matt was huge, and his cock felt so good inside my asshole. He, then, turned my body around and began fucking my ass doggy style. Not too long after, Matt cummed an ocean into my ass. He was panting, saying that he never came so quickly and with so much force. I told him that my ass has that effect on a man’s cock. We laughed and went at it again over the course of the following week. Afterward, I began seeing Matt on a regular basis. I was happy that I was making him happy, and that my former high school buddy was now my fuck buddy.

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