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Adult Blogs 271 views Mar 03, 2020
In my years of being bisexual i have been called a pervert child molester a bisexual fagget and until recently this has never bothered me my question is why is it ok for a lady to be bisexual or a lesbian but not a guy. To me love is love whether two men or two women i have many friends that are bi or gay both men and women have transgender friends also this group is very supportive to others like no other groups ive been in. Im married to a lady that is very ok with who i am.

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  • Cristine  Jennifer Shye.  BL. B/acc
    Cristine Jennifer Shye. BL. B/acc A good point, I was once asked does making a person who lives their life as woman (a transexual) make them gay, of course not if they think and live as a woman, surely having relationships with men should be viewed as a hetero sexual relationship, the...  more