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  • 08 Feb 2015
    CC's Journey CandyCane had planned, bought and hidden lots of clothing and lingerie, saved money, purchased thousands of dollars of sexy cloth and heels, practiced walking in 4" stilettos for the past 8 years, and even learning mannerisms and poses of woman to be as feminine as possible for the day she went out IN PUBLIC for the very FIRST time. This was the weekend if she has the COURAGE? The planning included painting her toe nail with fuchsia nail Polish and hiding them in sock for 4 days before her debut all day and all night from her wife! The plan also included an elaborate lie to her wife and 4 adult children knowing if she was caught it could ruin and embarrass his family beyond repair! Her desire to fulfill this dream may be the end of her family forever but, the desire and NEED for her mental well being to be seen in public was OVERWHELMING and she is willing to risk it all for her FREEDOM.....her DEBUT!!! She drives 4 hours, stops at a department store an purchases the only item she needed for her debut, a hot pink clutch purse! Of course she has to lie to the sales clerk, "my granddaughter loves pink" and buys the purse. She also buys two bottles of muscoto wine one of her wife's favorites, to calm her nerves and ....if she has a room guest? She arrived at the hotel, unloaded 4 suit cases 2 of them full of lingerie, clothing, heels and wigs still not knowing what her outfit would be....she loved several. After what seemed like an hour unpacking, she lays out the sexiest outfit in her arsenal and jewelry for the planned night! She decides on an outfit she had recently purchased...A stretch black mini skirt dress with flair sleeves, her fuchsia 4" wide belt, fuchsia 5" double ankle strapped stiletto heels, fuchsia stick on nails, a pair of hot pink dangle earings and a matching necklace made of conch shell. her lingerie consisted of a pair of nude platex control panty that she purposely bought a size small (she wears size extra large) but she used them to hold her tucked cock and balls in place so they are not visible through her clothing! Over the nude platex panties she plans to wear her hot pink Victoria Secret panties with Fuchsia lace trim! Once she unpacked and had her sexy clothing laid out, she went down stairs to have a drink and visit the hotel lobby. She wanted to see who was on duty at the lounge and who was working the front desk. Now to lay out the final part of the plan.......the most important part, tell the bartender she will be coming down stairs as a girl... A Cross Dresser!!! At 5pm she meets her bartender, a very handsome blue eyed young man, Brian, Mmmmm could he be part of her fantasy? Candy orders a beer, and the small talk begins....where you from? How long you staying?, tell him! With butterfly's in her stomach she tell "Brian, I have a favor to ask you but I don't want you to be shocked!" He says "Don't worry I've heard almost everything and not much shocks me anymore." "Ok, Brian I am a....a cross-dresser and have never gone out in public. I'd like to do it here...with you! Look at my pictures, as brian looks at the pictures on my phone his jaw drops to the bar saying "is that really you?". He looks at me and says WOW, very beautiful!!! Candy almost starts crying but fights back the tears and blurts out "I want to show you my ID so I'm not embarrassed when I come down dressed as a girl" Brian is just staring at me and after a few seconds finally said " Nah, don't worry about it, I won't card you!" Candy had a smile from ear to ear and got so excited. Candy noticed that She would also have to pass the registration desk! Candy asked Brian if he could tell them my situation. He said "sure Julia is my buddy ill tell her, no problem." I was so happy that went as easy as it did and in two drinks drank my beer and asked for a shot of Amerietto which I love and would help calm my nerves! I told Brian ok here goes nothing and I'd see him in a bit, as i slide off my bar stool...he was so nice and said sure I'll be here waiting for you as I rushed up stairs! The room had a sauna tub in the room so I started to filled it with hot, hot water to start the complete body shave. Opened a new pack of razors (women's aloe and gel razors) put two on the tub, laid out her makeup on the sink, and undressed! Once undressed She opened a bottle of muscoto and poured herself a large glass and had a drink and placed it on the tub. Her state of arousal was at its peak and she couldn't keep her hands from fondling Herself.... very hard! While the tub filled she pulled out the fleet enemas she brought and inserted the first and squeezed it filling her tummy. Within a minute the urge to purge came and she sat at the toilet! once that purge had passed she inserted the second enema and squeezed filling her tummy a second time.....a minute and a half this time as she held it as long as possible to insure her cleanliness....yes, it's coming out clear! Now she feels clean inside now for the external cleaning. She climbs into the sauna tub, shampoo's her boy hair and began shaving her face, closer than ever.... doesn't want any stubble. Now her legs, armpits, and genitals both penis and sack. she raises each leg one at a time to the tub edge to shave the crevice of her butt and her butt cheeks and most important her little starfish! Her dream or fantasy was to have a man want her, pick her up and come to her room and make love to her, licking her everywhere especially her ass and she wanted to be clean shaven all over incase she meet the right guy to fulfill that part of her dream! hot pink motif so she puts white on upper eye lid, then dark pink on upper portion of eye lid. Now black eyeliner on upper eyelid just above lashes and now on lower eye lid. Careful.... Nice and straight, stretching the skin at corners of eyes now draw the "Cat" lash a bit past ends of eyes and slightly up! Now eyelash curler..squeeze each lash till curled sufficiently, now the other. Now mascara, remember not to cause clumping, one good coat each, now the other, reinsert brush..two pumps, wipe the tip on threaded edge now finish other lash, perfect! Her makeup had never gone on more perfect....a sense of calm has her breathing more calm than ever, could it be the alcohol hitting her now? She takes a big drink of wine, dabs lips with tissue and applies her bright fire engine red lipstick, never could find Fuchsia! Now Candy steps back and admires her makeup....she needs her jewelry. She opens clasp on her fuchsia concho necklace and reaches for her matching earrings. Wait... They are pierced earrings and she only has one ear pierced? She has come too far to let this bother her.....she stabs the earring through her skin rather easily and not much she numb? A small droplet of blood appears at her ear lobe but she wipes it with a baby wipe and looks again at herself, perfect! Now she steps out of the bathroom, hangs the towel on the hook, standing naked she looks at her outfit, takes a deep breath and lift the dress into the air and brings it down over her head, it is very tight and as she squirms it down over her hips hears the material make small thread tears...careful?? Ahhh, It is on but a small roll of her tummy is visible BUT she is prepared. she had purchased a 4" fuchsia belt to go around her waist...very nice and it hides the little roll she failed to lose in her starvation diet for the past 4 days and 6 months of 2 hour a day workout to be in her best shape possible! Now her rings, one pearl and one opal....she has to remove her wedding ring! For an instant has a feeling of guilt but quickly pulls it off and put it into her army boot so it doesn't get lost, heaven forbid and replaced it with her pearl ring...she wanted a pink stone ring but couldn't find one! Now her heels...5" fuchsia heels she has spent many, many hours walking in. She puts the first on, twists her foot back and forth into the heel so there is no pinching or binding at her toes and quickly cinches the two ankle straps, now the other with ease. They look so beautiful on her sexy feet she has manicured for the past 6 months and hidden from his wife with fushia painted toe nails, a tear emerges from her eye as she looks down and sees her legs, so smooth, her feet so pretty and her rings on her finger. Now her wig.....she is really feeling the femininity oozing from her loins, her penis tingling and her scrotum tightening and her anus juices start to leak and gets her so horny! She know she has to control her cock so she lifts her skirt, slides her panties down to her thighs and her cock springs to full erection in an instant! She grabs her shaft knowing it won't take much feeling this HOT and strokes it looking in the mirror, wait her wig! She reaches for the plastic bag it's in, removes the net, takes the wig by the back and lowers her head to the floor. Now slides the wig all the way to the top edges of her ears, flips the long straight hair back, tucks her graying sideburns up into the wig, now smooths the top puffiness down a bit with both hands, grabs the brush and combs the long strands down her arms and shoulders. Now to arrange the bangs...OMG, Candy you are gorgeous she whispers! She wants to cry but stops the surge of tears as her hard cock pulses in the cool air of her room! She looks into the mirror, strokes her cock and within three pumps feels the surge rising up the shaft, uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh the hot creamy elixir pulses onto her other hand filling the palm more than usual! Mmmm, It is a good amount of cream and once she milks every drop into the palm of her hand slurps it all into her mouth and savors the flavor, the texture and the sweetness as it oozes down her throat. Mmmmmm, could she end up with a tummy or her ass full tonight? She'd love it....she loves and craves the taste of cum!!! Lastly, her nails. She opens two packs of fuchsia stick on nails, peeling off the backing strip, wait! There is a pre wipe she has to clean her nails with first. She opens the pack and wipes each nail with the provided cloth that was soaked, smells like acetone? Now measure each nail to at a time she stick them on until she reaches the last one....DONE! Now she feels a bit nervous and walks back and forth in her room taking deep breaths and stops, sits on the bed, grabs the first heel and gives it a twist from side to side to settle her foot into her 5" stiletto and now the other! It's been an hour and a half, it's now or never. She grabs her little clutch purse a little silver clutch she put her lipstick, lips liner and blush with mirror into it with her ID card and debit card, No, Leave the card and take cash. Don't want a paper trail! Candy walks to the door, grabs the handle, listens for noise in the hall, opens the door and starts down the hall. "Stand straight, perk your butt out," she says to herself as she approached the elevator. Two women also approach. She presses the down arrow and hears the two women approach and as she enters the elevator they also enter! They continue their conversation but pause as they smell Candy's perfume fill the air. They look up at her as they greet one another..."Hello", "Hello, how are you?" Good, and you all?" she speaks in a whispers to keep her masculine voice low! They look her up and down but Candy stays focused, eyes forward and slides her bangs to one side! As the doors open she steps out into the noisy foyer, men sitting on the veranda drinking beer... They all look her way and she sees Many eye brows rise but she stays focused as two younger men poke each other as she passes very close to them. Now she rounds the corner of the welcome desk and Julia sees Candy as she glides past, her mouth wide open but gives Candy a slight nod of approval as Candy focuses on the bar and her friend Brian! There it is, almost there. There is a man and a woman sitting drinking....the man is focused on the game on TV but the girl in sweats watches Candy walk to a stool, and slides up and crosses her legs. The bartender had his back turned and hears a customer and turns and says "what can I get you young lady?" As their eyes meet he almost takes a step back realizing its HER...gulp its HIM...It's his guest, the CrossDresser! He gets close to the bar and says almost in a whisper "WOW, you look great, I would not have known!" I would have never...uuuhh" he notices the girl is leaning in to hear what they are saying and to not blow Candy's cover leans back and Brian, asks her, "a beer" as he still is staring at her but Candy says "no, "I'll have a glass of your sweetest wine sugar, whatever you have!" The girl takes no time and says "Hello" and Candy says "Hello" in return and the girl says "I'm Jackie" and candy says "I'm Candy" trying to speak as low as possible. Now Jackie is curious looking at Brian, then back at Candy, with a confused look as she hears a more comfortable and manly voice now that Candy has settled in and breathing again! They began small talking and finally Candy tells her in a whisper that she is a male CrossDresser with a big smile! Jackie is fascinated and also says she would have never guessed and she says "WOW, you walked in here with some serious confidence and very feminine!" Candy was ecstatic and had a very big smile on her face. "Can I but you a drink" Candy asked Jackie as she moved closer to Candy and Brian moves in closer to them. He also added "I was surprised as you were Jackie, Candy was here as a guy earlier and told me but I didn't expect her to look this good and we all giggled." I asked Jackie if she could take a few pictures for me and she gladly grabbed Candy's iphone and said to stand up for a picture at the was so fulfilling! After a few minutes of chatting Candy asked Brian if he could take one of her sitting at the bar and without hesitation snapped a shot of her there! He looked at Jackie and said "you should take some of her in the banquet room" and Jackie gladly waved Candy to the banquet room and took several in the room against a smooth wall! Then Jackie wanted a smoke and they both walked outside the bar to the patio area and as Jackie smoked she posed Candy again in a few poses for more sexy pictures. After they re-entered the bar the man who wasn't even paying attention left the bar and we were all alone! The conversation gave Candy so much confidence and they kept saying how courageous she was to do this! Candy told them it was many years leading up to this and thanked them several times during the night for being a part of it! Candy was Feeling so comfortable with Jackie and Brian and even noticed Brian wasn't even charging her for drinks. after a few hours she was feeling any pain and went on to tell them about her start and fantasy to be made love to as a woman! Jackie finally said "She was drawn to my fuchsia heels being a table dancer at a local strip club." She said my legs made the heels so sexy and her flattery lead to an invite to Candy's room, but would she come up? Brian, still checking her out and complimenting her as the night progressed not believing Candy was 51 years old, also gave me the chance as Jackie went outside for anther smoke to tell him my room number... He seemed very interested but again, would he come up? I didn't want to push my luck and Brian even stayed open passed closing at 11pm and it was nearing midnight so I asked for my bill and of course Brian waved me on, "your tab is clear he said" and I winked at him, gave Jackie a hug and slide off my chair and headed down the hall to the elevators! As I approached an older man said good evening with a big smile as I glided past him and as she approached the elevator a big Texas looking man entered with his suitcase! I looked at him with my sultry drunken eyes and said "2 please" as he pressed the button. We rode up in silence but I could see his reflection in the elevator door checking her out, especially my ass and legs, did I dare even look back? Once we got to the second floor, I turned and said "have a great evening" and he replied "you too ma'am" as she left the elevator! She walked to her room, starring at her own reflection in the hall window, WOW She did it and was she HOT, SEXY and so ready for SEX! Why was She alone? Once she arrived in her room her arousal again was beyond control and immediately lifted her dress and pulled her panties to one side letting her throbbing cock out!!! It was so hard and Candy wanted some cum, but she wanted it to last...she stroked feeling the rising surge, stop, stop so close. Now she grabs her Iphone and takes a few pictures as she starts the fantastic felling of her hand , Mmmm so ready to cum! She stroked again a few times and this time there is no turning back, the leaking pre-cum oozes out onto her knuckles, she stops, licks it all off driving her crazy as she stroked a few more times and feels the huge surge rising up her shaft, uuuuuuuihhhhhhhh, uuuuuuhhhhhhh it is a huge cum, she slurps half into her mouth, don't swallow, take a picture, gulp it down so she can slurp the rest in her hungry mouth!!!! Ahhhhh, at last a good cum, she steps back to her bed and falls onto the soft bed in a satisfied but drunken heap, rubbing her real breasts through her beautiful dress, licking her finger to savor the last drops of her elixir so wishing it was another mans. She knows she has to undress, even though the thought of going to another club is on her mind...don't over do it she says to herself..get undressed! Tomorrow your mistress comes to fulfill your dream of being made love to with a strap on, Mmmmm! The next day at 6:30am she awakes after dreams of naughty thought consume every second of sleep..she fills the jacuzzi tub, fill the coffee pot and bathes and shaves her body for the days events! The plan had been discussed in detail by her and her mistress and would be her outing during the day! Once the tub is full she enters, reshaving her entire body especially her anus in preparation for the fulfillment she has wanted for a long, long time. Once she is done she grabs a pair of clean nude panties, her leopard patterned heels and her black see through night gown and as time approaches the designated time she sips her coffee with a huge smile on her face remembering the fantastic night she had. The phone rings, her mistress is detained and won't be arriving at the designated time, possibly an hour later??? She decides to lay down and take a nap, the booze from the night before is hitting her and a nap might do her some good! As she drifts into a slumber the phone rings and is not good news, her mistress will not be coming, she is devastated and so disappointed in her, she should have know this was going to happen!!! Never trust anyone anymore, was it for the best? The trouble she went to to tell the lies, to chance a total desolation of her life as she once knew it, her trust in the mistress all gone! She should just find a total stranger to take her, to deflower her, to take her virginity! Ok, get over that person, get on with your fantasy Candy, go find a cock or a woman to wear the strap on you painstakingly ordered and hide. Dammit, all that planning gone!!!! She crawls into bed for a nap, no food to destroy her clean stomach, she's really not that hungry! She awakens at 4:30pm still in a stupor but ready for the night! She lays out a perfectly fitted pair of black dress pants, her white blouse thigh high nude hose, hot pink necklace and matching earrings and of course her fuchsia 4" wide belt! She decides to try a shorter wig that's cut into a shag with real hair...beautiful fit, the night is still young! Candy
    1196 Posted by Candy Cane
  • 04 Feb 2015
    "He She's Oath" A He-Shes ass is his pussy you see, you must lick it and wet if you want it for free! If your a guy he'll be your boy toy, if your a girl and want to be pleasured, I promise your pussy won't be neglected! He likes to eat pussy but he'll suck a big cock, he'll undress you and get you hard as a rock! His legs are so smooth and his sack so tight, when he puts on his thong you'll want a quick bite! Don't be surprised if you fall for his smile, or even want to try his life style! Don't be a hater of his bi-sexual desires, your reading this because it lights your smoldering fire! Why not give a he-she a smile, you will find your heart lovingly beguiled! Candy
    1156 Posted by Candy Cane
  • 09 Feb 2015
    She knew I was Watching! I lived on a street where everyone knew each other and it was a sleepy little town out in the eastern part of the United States. Me and my friend Joey would drive to the fishing pond down the end of the block and spend hours and hours with our fishing rods in the water, a case of beer and talking about the girls at our high school. One in particular was Samantha Jones. She was a new girl from California and she was freaking hot. All we could do was watch Samantha as she passed us in the hall, she was stunning. She was very light skinned, her hair was blonde and she had the most perfect lips. I was a lip man and my buddy was a leg man. I couldn't stop imagining I was the guy in "Sand Lot" the movie. She would rescued me from the swimming pool in town and she press those plump juicy lips to mine...I was only dreaming. She lived two houses from me and right next door to my friend Joey's house. What a luck dog. I started hanging out at his house more and more as the summer progressed just to get a glimpse of the goddess we had in our neighborhood. I don't know if it was a California thing but her mom and dad were both blonde haired and blue eyed and so was her little sister and little brother. They were like the Barbie dolls of town. No one, I mean no one had bluer eyes then Samantha. Her eyes were like the ocean and I could get lost in them. Just a glace and she knew I was drooling all over myself when she would glance at me, I know she knew. She would crack a tiny smile at me everytime she walked passed me in the halls of school and all I could do was sigh. As the summer progressed and they got settled in, me and Joey would sit in his back yard and we could hear the Jones family in their back yard. They had a big pool and we would check Samantha out from Joey's bedroom window. We had to be really careful because her mom was a mean lady. She was very protective of her girls and especially Samantha. She knew she had a little hottie on her hands. Every guy in town wanted her. I think I was her biggest fan, and I said to myself one day I'm going to get a kiss from her. I didn't know how or when but I was. When she would go out to the pool she had on the most beautiful two piece bikini. It was bright pink, like hot pink, which now became my favorite color. She would even have her toe nails painted the same color as well as her finger nails. "OH MY GOD," she was so perfect. More than once I would run home and jack myself off thinking I was watching her take that bikini off and I could see her tan lines. I would send a gushier of cum into the toilet every time I was thinking of her. She became an obsession and I was starting to get home with stains in my underwear from precumming in my underwear at Joeys house watching her swim. I could sit there all day and watch her. One day her mom caught us at the window and even came over to Joeys house and told his mother they wanted some privacy and for us to quit ogling her daughter. We knew who the boss was at their house. Joey's mom giggled and said she would handle it and came to the room and told us to be more careful. She actually suggested we close the shades and peek between the slats, duhhh; why didn't we think of that? I wished I had the courage to ask her out. I was a bucked toothed skinny geek runt and I didn't think she would even think twice about me. I don't even think she remembered my name much less want to go out with me. I really tried to talk to her at school but she was so popular I could never catch her alone. Joey would tell me "you are never going to get her alone; you might as well give up." I would hear him but it went in one ear and out the other. I was on a mission and I wouldn't stop till I got her alone. One day I was walking home from school and she was ahead of me on the side walk and I hurried to catch up to her. What would I say, I asked myself? I only had one chance and I better be as smooth as possible. I got right behind her and as she turned a little to see who it was I said Ummm, what are you doing, you going home?" WOW, what an idiot...she looked at me like I was a dummy and laughed and said "aren't you?" I hung my head in shame and kind of let her get ahead of me and to my surprise she said if I would walk with her. What? What, ME? I said "sure" and we walked in utter silence all the way to my gate. She stopped, looked at me and said "see you tomorrow!" I stopped in the front of my house and watched her glide away on her cloud, she was an angel. I had to come up with a plan to see her more often and not have to ask Joey to go to his room. He was getting a little tired of sitting on his computer while I looked through the slats. Behind our row of houses was a little strip of woods we had built a fort in a long time ago. We hadn't been out there in a long time. We were way to old for the fort at nineteen. A few days went by and Joey said they were going on vacation and I would be alone for the rest of the summer. I was devastated; my lookout at his house was gone. I even tried to get Joey to leave me a key but they only had two and one went to his uncle who was going to check on it every so often. I decided to go to the fort and see what vantage I had from there and to see if I could see her from there. It was kind of at an angle and it was too low, we built it when we were eight or nine years old. It was falling out of the tree and it had so much weeds and branches growing in it I decided to start a new one a lot closer to her back yard. I had to sneak back there so no one would see me and I didn't want to give up my position because her mom would have a fit if she knew I was spying on her daughter. I found a nice big tree with some nice branches to climb up in and once I got to the midpoint I looked across. I was looking right into the pool, perfect. I grabbed my dad's hammer and some boards and a few nails and headed to the woods. I started with the stairs to the midpoint of the tree. I nailing each step one at a time driving two nails per step so it wouldn't swivel and turn on me. Once I got to the midpoint of the tree I had to get my dad's saw and cut a few branches away for the platform I was going to build but leave just enough to conceal myself. Now I needed some more boards and my dad had a stack in the back of the shed. I grabbed one or two at a time and took them to the tree. It was hard work but I knew once I had it built it was going to be my hangout for the long summer. It was getting hot and I could hear the Jones's at the pool almost every day. I was almost done with the platform and once I was finished I could check out my view. WOW, it was perfect except for the back fence area which was closest to my platform. I couldn't see behind it but I could see three quarters of the pool, not bad I said to myself. Ok, now I can bring some brew and some jerky and hang out. I wonder if my dad still has his binoculars in our camping gear? I ran back to the house grabbed my stash of beer, a bag of jerky and ran to the garage. "Where are those binocular" I said to myself scanning the garage. "Ah ha, there they are!" I grabbed them and as I was heading to the wood and on the way I was cleaning the lenses with my tee-shirt. Once I got to the tree I scanned the Jones back yard...they were in for the day, Darn it! The next day around eleven, I hurried to my tree stand and my mom said for me to be careful as I ran out the back door. Once I got into the tree and on the platform I grabbed the rope I had connected to a pulley and pulled up all my stuff in a bucket that was attached to the end of the line. This was a lot easier than trying to get up here with one hand. Ahhh, now I can settle in and scan the Jones back yard. They still aren't out yet, I'll check out they neighbors till they come out. Hey there's Fred my other friend from school; he's helping his dad build something. Hey I can see into my back yard, dads cutting the grass. Sure glad I'm not there, he'd have me help him with the racking. Wait someone's coming out, Oh man, its Samantha's mom going to the pool. Where is everyone else? Wow, her mom has some pretty legs wrapped in that towel. What is she doing? She dropped her towel; she has a nice body. "WOW" I said to myself. "OH MAN," she's is rubbing sun tanning lotion on her body. She has some pretty skin. Kind of like Samantha's but she is really tanned! She rubbed the lotion so slow and didn't miss a spot. She put it on her arms and on her sides, switching hands to get both sides evenly. She had a piece of plastic wrap the length of a towel but what was she going to with it? Ok, she's turning her back to me, wait! She's unsnapping her bikini top, it's... it's in her lap. I was shaking as I stood there with my binocular on Samantha's mom. She grabbed the plastic wrap and squeezed tanning lotion in the middle of it. Now she's pulling it back and forth on her back like when you dry ourselves with a towel. She's putting tanning lotion on her back herself, very smart. "OH man," I just saw the side of her breast, they are huge. My dick was starting to get hard as a rock. I was feeling uncomfortable since I was up in a tree stand and my cock was getting rock hard. Hey, what am I worried about no one can see me anyway. Oh man, shes leaning forward with her bra off! Her boobs are so perfect. They are nice and firm and point up at the nipple. Her nipples are so big and round and they are the most beautiful shade of brown I have ever seen I said to myself! Now she's rubbing tanning lotion on her legs, her beautiful legs. I bet Samantha is going to get this hot when she is older...but I think her mom is a FOX. She finished rubbing her lotion on her whole body and I was throbbing in my pants. I looked around and didn't see anyone so I unzipped my pants and let my cock out in the air. Samantha's mom moved her lawn chair to the sun and laid on her back and her breasts were pointing straight to the sky, they were gorgeous. They were the size of large grapefruits and I was imagining I was sucking them. Mmm, I kept saying to myself as I stroked my cock. Wait... wait she's spreading her legs open a little, yes, yes I can see the crease in her bikini bottom where her slit is. I was leaking cum and it was felling so good to have my cock in my hand sliding up and down looking at Samantha's mom. What is she doing now? She just slide a hand into her she doing what I think she is? She is rubbing her own pussy, Oh yes,...I couldn't hold on any longer. My cock jerked in my hand almost squirting cum on my face as it pulsed and pulsed cum everywhere. I just rolled over on the platform on my side and let out some deep grunts and groans as my cum shot all over the floor of my platform. Uhhh, uuhhh, I could feel my cock bulge as it pulsed cum out my penis hole. It felt so good to squeeze my cock. The harder I squeezed the more I was imagining my cock Samantha's moms pussy! I was fucking horny for her mom! What was wrong with that? She was hot and she was fingering herself. I got up after a minute of shaking the last drops from the tip of my cock. Immediately I grabbed the binoculars so I could see her playing with herself again. Where did she go? By then I was sitting on the edge of the platform scanning the back yard like a soldier on recon but she was gone! Just then I heard my name in a loud voice below the tree, "MICHAEL, YOU GET DONE HERE RIGHT NOW, MISTER!" I looked down and it was Samantha's mom and she didn't look to happy. I started to freak out but I had better act like I didn't know anything. She kept looking up and finally said again in a loud voice, "GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN!" I quickly slid the binoculars to the center of the platform thinking maybe she didn't see them. As I climbed down I was conjuring up a story...umm I was bird watching? No, I was playing Army? No... what do I say? I got to the ground and she was wrapped in her towel and she was standing there with her hands on her hips and she looked me right in the eyes and said "come with me right now!" I thought for sure she was going to march me right to my dad in the back yard who was still cutting the grass. I could still hear the mower from where we were. NO, she was heading to her back yard! Was she going to call my mom over, my mind was reeling and I was trembling as I walked? Once we got to her back gate she opened it and waited for me to go in. She walked to her lawn chair with me close behind her and she sat down and turned towards me. As I looked up from the ground expecting her to have a mean look on her face, she was looking right into my eyes and said "did you like what you were seeing from your tree stand, I get so wet when I'm being watched?" I almost fell to the ground in shock! "What, what do you mean Mrs Jones," I said in a trembling voice. She said "I've been watching you for a few days fixing that tree fort in the woods and I was wondering when you were going to finish it so you could watch me get undressed. I love when someone is watching me." I couldn't believe my ears, she wanted me to see her. Now this was an awkward moment and I just stood there speechless. Then she reached out and grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest still wrapped in her towel. She said "do you want to feel my boobs Michael, or do you want to touch my pussy?" I could have started crying right then but I said "yes ma'am I do!" "You want to touch my pussy?" "Yes ma'am" I said again. She unwrapped her towel and I was standing in front of the titties I was looking at from a distance and they were so fucking awsome! I slowly bent down to my knees and inched my face forward and licked one of them and she just lay back on her hands in her lawn chair and let out a little moan of pleasure, "mmmm, Michael your tongue is hot." I had seen a few pictures of sex in my playboys and penthouse magazines and I knew what guys did. They sucked titties and fucked pussy! I was getting rock hard again and I knew she could see it in my pants. She let me lick it for a few seconds then she whispered, "Suck it Michael, suck it." I grabbed it with one hand and pulled the tip into my mouth. It was covered in tanning oil but I didn't care and it was hot, hot from the sun. "Mmm, mmm" I could hear my throat saying as I sucked a breast for the first time. "Oh My God" this was Samantha's mom! I hope no one finds out about this...I'd be laughed out of high school, or would I? She grabbed my other hand and put it on her other breast and massaged it into her breast harder and harder. She was getting off on me sucking her titties, but so was I! I was still on my knees and she grabbed my chin and brought my face up and she looked me right in the eyes again and said "you want to taste my pussy?" I was shaking my head up and down so fast I made myself dizzy saying yes! I was going to lick a pussy, something I had jacked myself off many times thinking about doing someday. She lay back on her lawn chair and said, "take them off Michael, so you can see my pussy. Isn't that what you wanted to see from your tree house" she asked? IF she only knew I was trying to see her daughter, she probably knew that but I was going to see her mothers pussy instead. I grabbed the edge of her bikini bottoms and slide them down, "YES, YES," she was shaved. No hair on her pussy! She saw that my cock was trying to rip out of my pants and she reached between my legs. I almost jumped over the fence when she grabbed my cock. She squeezed my balls and said "Wow, Michael your balls are full, I wonder how much cum you have in those balls?" I couldn't believe she was telling me this and I was staring at her shaved pussy. She said, "are you going to stare at it or are you going to taste me?" I lowered my head into her pussy and glanced at it before I stuck out my tongue... It was so perfect. It was so pink inside her hole. Her outer lips were a light brown like her nipples and she had two little lips sticking out of her pussy, girls have two sets of lips. Yes, I remembered I had read that somewhere. My pants were being unzipped as I stuck out my tongue. I closed my eyes and inched my way closer to this heavenly scent. "How would it taste" I said to myself? My tongue, stabbed into her cunt and slide in like I was licking an ice cream cone but a HOT one. It was sweet, so sweet but had a little tangy after taste. Best tasting ice cream I have ever had. She opened her legs wide as she tugged on my zipper. Before I knew it my cock was standing straight up in the air. She had one hand on my cock rubbing it up and down and my tongue darted into every crevice of that beautiful creation. I would gasp for air and lick her thighs and she was coming unglued. She clicked her chair back so it was flat and she spread her legs as wide as they could go. They were a little bent at the knees and I was in there shoulders and all. She had to let go of my cock for a second and my other hand worked a finger into her soaked pussy! Where's the clit I had seen in magazines and read a little about, it should be up her at the top. I must have licked it because she is arching off the lawn chair every time my tongue flicks that little hard spot. "Oh, Oh Michael yes, yes" she was saying as I licked for everything I had in me. Then I felt her grab my head and pull me up to her chest. She wanted me to fuck her! "Michael you are a lucky bastard," I said to myself. I sucked her titties and kissed her neck as I worked my way up and inched my cock closer and closer to her pussy. Within a second my cock slid all the way in her soaking wet love channel. My cock was wrapped in her pussy and I could feel her pull me in by my ass. She was scratching my back and squeezing my ass as I pumped like a dog in heat. I was fucking like it was my first time, wait a minute this was my first time! I could feel the muscles in my stomach flexing with every thrust and my thighs were so hard and I was near the point of no return. I grabbed the back of the lawn chair and thrust forward on last time. I screamed "Yes, yes, yes, I want to fuck your pussy Mrs. Jones, please Mrs. Jones." I was pumping my virgin cum into Mrs. Jone's sweet pussy. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in so hard I could feel her stretching my butt hole almost in two pieces. I didn't care if she ripped me in half. I was fucking an experienced piece of ass. "You lucky fucker" I said to myself again as our tensed bodies began to subside. I slowly slide off her chest from all the tanning oil and slide to the end of the lawn chair. I almost didn't want to look her in the eyes but I had to look up and see that pussy one more time. It was still open a little kind of round in the shape of my cock. At the bottom of her hole I could see a puddle of my white boiling cum sitting in her pussy. She looked me in the eyes and said "you can come and watch me anytime you want Michael, I love to be watched when I take off my cloth and finger myself in my bikini." My knees were trembling as I picked up my pants still in shock. She laid there with her legs spread wide open. As I neared the gate Mrs. Jones gave me one last thrill...she said "Michael" and as I looked back, she dipped two finger deep into her soaked pussy and pushed them all the way in to her knuckles and they came out soaked with my cum. I could see my cum dripping off the tips of her fingers and she stuck them right into her mouth and licked her fingers clean and gave me a wink. I almost fell going out the gate with my cock still wet from Mrs. Jones's pussy. As I stumbled home I felt my cock getting hard again. It was nice being young dumb and full of cum, my cock would get hard everytime I thought of Mrs. Jones and our afternoon of fun. Needless to say, this was the best summer of my life and it wasn't over yet! Candy
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  • 01 Sep 2016
    I am a CrossDresser 95% of the time mentally.....and 5% physically! I still have boy obligations, giggle! Being married and unsupported is tough, I know lots of gurls who struggle with similar issues! About twice a week we order pizza as a reward for the boys doing good in school, yes I still have little one at home, giggle! One night as we waited for our pizza, I told my wife I had been feeling frisky all day in the hopes of sex that evening! When the door bell rang I though we'd get the older driver we always get (Sid) on Saturday night my surprise we got a handsome young man In his early 20s and my mind began to race! I thought if he would see me dressed as Candy, he'd want me? Well that was the hope, lol! For months ordering pizza and him (Mario) delivering, I kept thinking when is my wife going out of town and boys at their uncle or cousins house.....then the opportunity became a reality! My wife was called to Florida for a business meeting and since one of our daughters lives there she decided to extend the 3 day business trip into 7 days to stay and visit with her, of course I suggested it, giggle! I just had to get the boys out.....I got it! I'll ask our son in law to take the boys to a soccer game on Saturday.... the boys love soccer! I'll tell him I have a meeting that day and I'd pick them up after meeting around 9pm! Saturday morning I'll drop them off so they can spend the day with their cousins before I get ready.... OMG, I'm so nervous! Saturday; I start my regime of enemas so that my tummy is clean just in case he wants me, I'd love to be fucked so good, blush! The house is empty, I wait till 3:30pm and I fill the Jacuzzi tub with hot bubbly water and started my body shave, legs so smooth, now carefully shave my manpussy, Mmmmm, feel so good and so sensitive without hair in my privates, especially my manpussy! Now my arm pits, nipples, shave my toes and lastly my face, extra close shave! Dry off, my cock is twitching, God I'm horny! Have to take this ache from my loins, Mmmm, I am so hard, it doesn't take much to fire off a load into my hand! Slurp, slurp, god I love eating my own cum....hope my pizza delivery guy finds me attractive and passible and wants to taste me too, giggle! Mmmm, That load of cream was so sweet and tangy, now to apply my makeup! First the foundation has to cover every nook and cranny on my smoothly saved face! Now my plum colored lip liner, a "V" on the center of top lip, now follow the outside of the dark pink of my top lip to give me thicker looking lips, now bottom lip, perfect! Now my eye shadow, I think I'll go dark plum with a lighter shade, on top, white inside eye highlights, yes perfect! Now black eye liner, inside both top and bottom of eye lids, Mmmmm, yes make the cat whisker at outside edge of each eye Candy, looks so good....Perfect! Now lay out your sexy lingerie, let's see, love my tight black Lacey thong.... oh god that lace feels so good against my manpussy, Mmmm! I have to stop for a few minutes to finger myself, uhhh, uhhhh, uuuhhhh you are so wet and ready Candy I say to myself!! "I need to be fucked so bad!" Now a matching black lace bra, fill with your "C" cup Breast forms! Stop and look in the mirror, looking good Candy make them even, there you go they look awesome! I need to calm down l'm starting to sweat, so now I put on my matching lace corset, long draw strings out over shoulder, pull hard, squeeze in your tummy Candy Uuuhhhh, now tie it off! Now you matching lace garter belt and black stocking that are thigh high and elastic at thighs now clip to my garter! Omg, I love new stocking on my freshly shaved legs, Mmmm! I go down stairs for a bottle of sangria wine to calm my nerves, Mmmm, so sweet sip, sip...don't get too drunk Candy! Now I take the bottle and glass upstairs to finish preparing, don't forget to call for delivery Candy, around 5pm I'll call, God I hope it's Mario who delivers? Should be, he has last 4 times? He was so cute and I bet he has a gorgeous cock, don't get ahead of yourself, giggle! Let's put on you sexy red mini skirt, one slight bend and your sexy butt is exposed, a white blouse and most important you new black 4" stiletto heels, OMG they look so good! Love the wide ankle strap! Let's get your long straight black real hair wig, Bend down, throw wig cap over head and pull down back of cap, careful to tuck and hide your side burns, now throw the long hair back and brush loose hairs down, perfect! Nearing completion Candy girl, feeling so feminine! Need to get the new box of plum colored stick on nails, now wipe each with adhesive and stick each on, remember to match the thumbs with the widest nails in package, there they are, perfect! I think I'll call for delivery of a pepperoni pizza with breadstick and hot wings, maybe he'll stay for a bite after he fuck me, God that would be so awesome! I think I'll roll a joint in case he wants to get high, I am a naughty girl when I get high....he'd be able to do anything to me, blush! It's time to call, "Hello, yes your special pepperoni and breadsticks, oh and an order of hot wings, yes spicy... $14.99, perfect, I'll have cash!" Now, lastly put on your blood red lipstick that matches your red mini skirt, pucker up Candy, rub your lips together to even it out, Mmmm! Last look in mirror...gorgeous, what about perfume? Hurry up stairs, grab some of the one your wife wears to bed, yes the one that turns you on, psst, psst, psst...don't put too much, giggle! Ok, now take your wine down stairs and sip some wine, stay calm, remember leave money on the counter so he has to come inside...ding dong, ding dong! OMG... he's here! Click, click, click click, your heels sound so sexy and you're really going to meet a boy at the door! Take a peek out the window as normal, OMG, it's a girl??? Gulp, Candy you didn't plan on it being a girl, where's Mario? Ok take it easy, don't panic and open the door ... "Hi, pepperoni pizza, breadstick and hot wings, "Hello, Yes that's what I ordered", ..."$14.99," "come on in and set it on the table please while I get your cash!" "So, Mario's not working huh?" "He actually got fired yesterday, oh my, what happened!" I think he was charging too much at the door" she said..."if I may say so without offending you, that is a cute outfit, love your heels" she says! "Thank you, blush!" "So how long have you been working"..."I started yesterday"..."you smell so good, what is that perfume your wearing" she asks? Uhhh, it's my wife's perfume, I, I, I, I....OMG I'm so embarrassed???" (At this moment I feel so stupid telling her it was my wife's perfume and sit at the table and start to cry).....she nears me and puts her hand on my shoulder, "I think your beautiful!" "Thank you" I whisper trying not to mess up my make up and walk into kitchen for a napkin...."thank you" I say again! " I turn to the girl and tell her "I bet I look so silly" as I hand her cash and pay her for the pizza?" She approaches and wipes my tears and looks into my eyes and moves my long hair to one side and says "I think your beautiful" and kisses me!!!!! I'm stunned but elated and don't know how to I kiss her back! We stand in the kitchen for a few seconds kissing ever so passionately holding each other....I am starting to tremble and turn three shades of red and she says, "I see you have some of my favorite wine....your my last delivery of the day and winks!" "Would you like to share some with me" I whisper again, she nods yes and asks if I'm alone! I shake my head yes! She sits at the table and I walk to the wine, click, click my heels sound as I go to get her a wine glass! She takes the glass as I pour her a full glass of sangria! She is so cute and now I'm going crazy thinking this might still work? I had wanted to be fucked dressed as a girl...maybe I can pleasure a girl dressed as a girl? We sip on our wine and as we chat about her new job I confess I was hoping for Mario so he could see me dressed, dressed as a girl....."I'm a closeted CrossDresser" I confess and just wanted to be pleasured as a girl? She reaches out a hand to mine and says she is amazed how feminine I look and how pretty I am! She then confesses she has a girl friend and always wondered what it would be like to be with a CrossDresser! Her and her girlfriend have discussed it on many occasions she confesses! I am intrigued she has a girl friend and she tells me she loves eating her pussy but before her girlfriend she loved to suck cock......its been a while she says! Now I'm curious where this is going to go and I ask her if she wants to join me on the balcony for a toke, she's says "I'd love to" and we grab the joint and wine and head upstairs! You have to go through my bedroom to the balcony and we open balcony doors! The breeze feels so good going up my mini skirt and behind my long hair, wig gets hot, especially behind my neck! We sit on the chairs we have there and I hand her the joint and she puffs it as I light it with my lighter... supppp, supppp, we both take big puffs and exhale! She slides her chair close to mine and she takes a big puff and signals for a kiss and she blows smoke in my mouth, Mmmm! My eyes close as her tongue stabs into my mouth so deeply, my cock stirs and twitches as she rubs my crotch......oh god I'm getting so hard! I let out a moan of pleasure "Mmmm," as the high starts to take me to that heavenly place! We look into each other's eyes and I invite her into the bedroom and she lifts me by the hand and we walk into my room, the room I fuck my wife in! I'm going crazy with ideas but she takes control! We both sit on the end of the bed and start to tongue each other again but this time she puts her hand under my skirt and squeezes my now engorged cock through my silk panty thong, God she was a little hotty and feels so good! I take her pizza cap off and lift her t-shirt over her head and her blond hair falls over her shoulders! I instinctively reach behind her as we kiss and unsnap her pink bra and release her beautiful perky breasts! By now we're now moaning with desire and she again squeezes my cock this time pushing him out of the top of my panties as I suck her I really want her mouth on my cock! She pushes me back into the bed and lifts my mini skirt and pulls down on my thong and my pulsing red engorged cock feels the cool air for an instant before she devours me! Her mouth is on fire and I reach for her beautiful blond hair and hold her head as she pumps up and down on my shaft! I'm so ready to cum but I want to fuck her so bad dressed as Candy! I lift her up and tell her to let me please her and start to unbuckle her jeans! We tongue each other as I slide her jeans off her hips sucking her engorged nipples standing at attention with little bumps all around both nipples! Her pink panties slide down her sexy hips as she moans with my touch and tongue on her tummy! As she steps out of her jeans and panties I turn her around and kiss her sweet butt and switch places with her, she is on the bed and I drop to my knees, flip her back forward and open her beautiful smooth legs exposing her shaved pussy! With one hand I open her pussy lips and stab my tongue into her dripping honey hole! Mmmm, she is so sweet and wet and just a tang of salty urine can be tasted.... So delicious!!! She raises her ass off the bed when my long hair glides across her thighs and my tongue dances on her now erect clit! It's like a little penis but so slippery and sweet! I suck it like a little cock just enough to send chills up her spine! My cock is pulsing with excitement and leaking pre-cum! I know she is getting close to cumming as I see her hands clawing at the blankets at her sides and she pulls my head in tighter and tighter into her pussy! I have to fuck her before I explode so I stand and pull her to the edge of the bed! She is panting like a dog in heat and looks into my eyes and begs me "fuck me, fuck me please!" I inch forward and my cock head disappears into her plum lipstick covered pussy! I can feel her feet trying to pull me in but I hesitate to just enough to send her into spasms of pleasure as I slowly slide in! She grabs my blouse and pulls me over her chest as I start to fuck her tight but soaked pussy! Now I'm fucking my pizza girl with all I have left in me, feeling so stoned and hearing her moans is so erotic! I thrust forward and my cock is pushed in so far my balls slap into her, harder and hard I fuck her cunt as she arches upward with each thrust and I feel the surge of fluids enter my shaft....we explode into a screaming frenzy of lust, grunts and moans of pleasure! Uhhh, uhhh", "Mmmmmmm" "yessss fuck me, fuck me, yessss" as I push one last time into her so deep and feel my soaked sack almost push into her with my cock as she hold me in deep with the heels of her feet! Our elixir of juices mix inside her and we collapse panting like to girls in heat! After a moment I slide off of her and she slides down the blankets to my soaked cock covered in her juices and my thick white cum and begins to suck me cleaning her juices and my cum off of my cock! I am so sensitive but it is heaven! The scent of our sex fills the air! I look down at her with pleasure as she rubs my silk covered thighs......I want her to spend the night, will she? Candy XOXO
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Meeting My Mistress -My Sons Teacher

I've had this dream several times, it starts out I'm alone raising my two boys, (don't know if my wife left me or passed) but I decide to raise them as a girl thinking they need a "mommy-daddy!" I slowly transition to her, to Candy a sexy t-girl over the summer break and freak everyone out at my boys school when I walk into school dressed as a girl.... A slutty mommy, with 36C breasts, giggle! There was many mommies who looked at me in disgust in my slutty pink heels and mini skirt but some of the daddies I know wanted a taste of my sexy ass...I could tell by their winks and stares! That first day I see her, my older sons divorced teacher, I introduce myself acting as we had never met since she was going to get my younger son this year! She looked at me strangely like she knew me as she looked me up and down but I didn't think too much about it except that I loved her gorgeous blue eyes the year before but I didn't think she had recognized me? I was wrong, that afternoon when the boys came home from school, I got a note in my youngest sons backpack saying how brave I was to go through this transition after losing my wife! As I said earlier, I even had a breast implants but keeping my cock intact! Her note said she thought I was beautiful and had never felt so drawn to a woman... well a T-girl and she wanted to meet me at a local pub for drinks! I told her in my return note the next day I needed to get a babysitter but yes, we could met! We planned a Friday after school at the local micro-Brewery and when she walked in, she was a vision! Long smooth legs in her daisy Dukes and wedge sandals and those blue eyes of hers so beautiful and she had a very nice set of breasts....I knew It was on! She says hello and we hug and started chit chatting about my loss as we ordered our drinks and how brave I am as we sipped some good wine and beer! She loved touching my smooth shaved legs under the table and I'm sure she wondered if I still had a cock and how big my cock was? After an hour or so she couldn't resist any longer and asked me if I still had my boy parts down there (looking into my crotch) and I winked and nodded yes! Her face lit up with delight and after we finished a bottle and a pint she kissed me in front of all the patrons, slithering her now wine soaked tongue down my throat! I was lost in her blue eyes.....we finished our drinks and held hands as we left the pub and she drove me home and introduced me to her kids as a girlfriend! After they went to bed we opened another bottle of wine and smoked a little pot in her back yard and she told me she wanted me, all of me! She took me by the hand and walked me to her bedroom and said "fuck me Candy, pleeeeease!" I slowly pulled her daisy dukes and panties off, I could see the crotch of her shorts and pink panties were soaked with her juices and I could smell her sex fill the air! I started kissing her naked hips, then as she laid back on her bed I kissed her ankles and as I went higher and higher to her thighs I could feel her body tense as I drove her crazy with my long hair and sizzling tongue all over her body! She was going crazy wanting my cock inside her and she sat up breathing hard, she pulled my black mini dress up over my head and pulled my throbbing cock out of my pink panties now hard as a baseball bat! She noticed my cock was leaking precum and she licked the tip of my twitching cock sending shivers to my breasts and I could hear her purrs of approval "Mmmmm," as she took my throbbing cock down her throat soaking my cock with her sizzling hot saliva glistening in the semi-dark bedroom! I looked into her eyes and we both knew it was time and I laid her back down kissing and sucking in her lips into my mouth! I spread her thighs reveling her soaked pussy leaking onto her thighs and her blood swollen erect clit peeking out from under her little pink hood. I inch forward and savor her sweet cream from her pussy, cleaning her thighs then suck her clit like a little cock! Then I inch forward and slowly penetrate her pussy with my throbbing cock. Slowly at first but her feet pull me in all the way to my shaved pelvis. She lifts my bra and exposes my new breasts that have never been touched and sucks my now erect nipples into her sizzling hot mouth sending me into orbit! I didn't expect them to be so sensitive but they were tingling with sensation! I start to fuck her pussy so good and hard slamming my shaved balls into her wet ass and tingling pussy she squeezes and massages my breasts and nipples as she screams with pleasure, "Yes, Yes, fuck my pussy, fill my cunt up with your cream, pleeeease! My HOTPINK heels dig into the carpet and I ram her hard until I start to whimper "I'm cumming, I'm cumingggg" "uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh" I groan as I feel my boiling lava surge up my shaft spilling every drop of my cream into her now gaping pussy! Deep, deep in her tummy I know I'm filing her up emptying my balls! Her toes are curled and her heels pressed into my ass pulling me in with every thrust till I collapse on her beautiful breasts!! Both our breasts smashed together felt so erotic, nipple to nipple! We look at each other panting from the work out and I whisper "could I ask you something?" She says "you are so sexy, you can ask me anything lover!" I whisper "I'm embarrassed but, but, "I want you to fuck me with a strap on, would you?" At first she looks surprised but excitedly she tells me "if it makes you happy" she would do it for me! To her surprise I reach for my purse and pull one out I had purchased and we both throw it around playing with it giggling that I had it in my purse! I ask her if I can put it on her and she says she'd love that so we strap her up! It has a small penis that inserts into her pussy and vibrating bumps go against her clit and an 8" vibrating cock, 3" in diameter! Once we tighten it up, I turn the vibrating 8" dildo on and she moans with pleasure as it buzzes agains her clit! I can feel my ass begin to tingle as she stands there with her vibrating flesh colored dildo strapped to her sexy body as she squeezes her thighs together "Mmmmm!" I tell her I want to lick her dick and get it wet so I drop to my knees and start sucking her plastic monster as she begins to rock in and out of my mouth! To her amazement the 8" monster begins to slide down my throat deeper, and deeper getting her so aroused again and and she begins to moan with pleasure "ooohhhh, oooohhh!" I eventually grab her ass kneeling in front of her and she watches it disappear into my throat past my throat ring! I look up at her with my nose pressed into her tummy completely swallowing all 8" of dildo tears coming out of my eyes! You are amazed she says as I pull away gasping for air and I tell her "can you tell I've been practicing" and we both giggle but she is excitedly to indulge my fantasy! I suck her rubber cock for a few more seconds then I release the rubber cock from my throat and gasp for air again as the slimy cock glistens from my saliva and my saliva dangles off my chin glistening in the dim light of her room! She takes control and spins me around aiming her new cock into my tingling manpussy! I whimper a small moan of pain "uuuhhhh" as she penetrates my outer pink ass ring and slowly pushes in deeper! I'm gasping and clawing the sheets biting the comforter to not scream from the initial pain of my asshole, my manpussy being stretched! She becomes empowered and starts riding me pushing my head into the blankets screaming "You want to be fucked, you want it don't you, you little slut??? I gasp out a begging plea..... "Yes, fuck me, please I need to be fucked so bad, please fuck me good and hard, pleeeeeaaaase FUCK ME, FUCK MY SISSY ASS!!!!" She get up on the bed and punish my ass, I can hear her grunts of pleasure as she pushes my face down, my ass high in the air! She fucks me good and hard slapping her hands harder and harder to my ass cheeks spanking my ass bright red! I love the heat of a good spanking and how it generates shock waves of pleasure throughout my body! The rear part of the dildo with the vibrating bumps pressing against her engorged clit has started feeling so good and is working because she begins to feel the surge in her pussy building higher and higher as she moans with pleasure "oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh! " Her juices in her pussy again begin to start dripping down her thighs and the room is filled with the scent of her sweet pussy! She starts dripping sweat from the work out I can see it glistening on her neck and shoulders from fucking me so hard and fast just like I did her previously but she's not stopping for nothing because it's feeling so good! My sissy dick is starting to ooze precum again as she thrusts in harder and harder and screams "YES, YES I love fucking you, Yessssssss!" I can feel her start to tremble and shiver as she cums over and over buried deep in my ass, pulling me by my hips with her final thrusts pushing that fat dildo deep in my ass! We collapse together as I feel my sissy man pussy throb and pulse with every beat of my racing heart from the good fuck she gave me and I can feel how full my ass is when I squeeze my manpussy......Mmmmm, I can feel my sissy cock pulse again and again with that monster buried in my ass pressing my prostate so good and I catch all my cum in my hand! I whisper "thank you mistress Jen, Thank you as I slurp the cum from my hand!" We both smile in total pleasure as I kiss her and share my mouth full of cum with her! My eyes closed as our tongues devour each other, I think to myself.....the year had just begun at school, Mmmmm.....I may have just met my Mistress, giggle! Candy XOXO

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    Krissy Nylon Wow Candy! !! That is so hot! You are a fantastic writer too. You know I love a bit of prostate stimulation also
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  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane appreciate your taking the time to read my stories and your comment gives me encouragement to continue my passion.....writing erotica! So glad you liked it! I like you fantasy, Mmmmm, that was hot, sweet creams......I mean sweet dreams, tee hee hee!
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  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane @peter....thallus for the peek and the like, I appreciate my readers, thank you!
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    Candy Cane @Ruby.....thank you so much for taking the time to read and like my story, Muuuuaaaahh!
    October 4, 2016