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  • 04 Nov 2015
    Its official,I am now Simone. All the paper work has been cleared and I have all the certificates. Now the long arduous task of contacting those that need to know. I have done a few tonight,the banks tomorrow,and HR to get all those details changed.British Gas were happy to amend my details over the phone,Eon want to see a copy of the DeedPoll,HMRC are happy just change things over the net,mobile phone and Virgin the same. Paypal want photo ID and Deedpoll of my new name,but that will have to wait till I get photos done for the driving licence and passport. I have a list a mile long,anybody have any idea the time scales this has to be done in?   Simone x
    2298 Posted by Simone Jo
  • 02 Oct 2015
    As many of you know I am in the process of solving my gender identity,I am under the Nottingham GIC,still waiting for my first appointment.I have rang them a few times just to make sure,and the end of the year is the expected first appointment,which leads me on to the title of this blog.I had intended to have the first appointment,change names and tell work,that kind of went tits up ,when a friend at work told me the shop floor had "discovered" my facebook profile on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon,300 hundred people knew I existed,what could I do??? I will update my Facebook page with this message To all my work colleagues who have "discovered" my Facebook page,say hello at work,don't hide behind each other sniggering or making assumptions.Talk to me and I will answer all your questions.At work judge me as an Manufacturing Engineer,nothing elseThank youSimone x…/gender-dysphoria/Pages/Introduction.aspxMay help you understand Thursday morning I went into work ,expecting the worst,some people came up to me and asked questions,most carried on as if nothing happened. The people I work closest with are great,asking questions,want to know what I want to be called,and generally say "so what". That day I arranged a meeting with HR and my boss. That happened today and they were brill,offering all the support they can,telling me the transition will be at my pace. I wont tell you who I work for,but its a BIG blue chip company,who have a strict policies on ethics and inclusion Now that this week is over,I am emotionally drained and need a good night out!!! Everything I had planned to do early next year,I can do now,starting with the name change..   thanks for reading Simone x          
    2250 Posted by Simone Jo
  • 11 Feb 2015
    Well its 7 15 ,I spent the most sereal 25 mins with my doctor. Its the longest I have ever spent in the  surgery. I wrote a letter out explaining my issues and dropped it in to the docs on the way to work asking him to read it before my appointement(Thanks Rachel top tip) Well I have been shitting bricks all afternoon,but a chat on here soon calmed my nerves,thanks Susie So a little make up,leggings ,knee high boots and a jumper I stolled down to the surgery. Got called in after a 10 min wait,and he was there waiting for me with my letter in his had.So he had read it,infact he had read it several times. He was very understanding and sympathetic,and a little out of his depth,as i guess this was completly new to him. He was asking all the right questions,how i feel,how others feel,how much time i spend fem. Luckily I had printed of some guidence notes from the NHS to tell the doctors of their responsablilities to the Trans community,and apon showing him,we went through them together. Now he has a greater understanding,he will arange for me to see the Local Mental Health Authority or The Nottingham GIC,which ever the local NHS rules dictate. 3 weeks the doc recons,before I hear anything. So now your upto date,when I hear anything I will write it up here Love and kisses and thanks for all the support   Simone xx  
    2087 Posted by Simone Jo
  • 09 Feb 2015
    Well where do i begin.... Well Wednesday at 6 pm i am taking the first step.The doctors. After a few weeks deliberation,talking to the wife and the odd argument,i have decided that i need help to find out where i want to be going in life. A little back ground first,i have worn female attire since i was 15,some 30 od years ago,like many,purely for sexual reasons,then over the years,relationships started and ended and the clothing became more than just sex,it became part of me.At that point i realised clothing was'nt just a way of expressing my femininity,my head had shifted way over to the female side,i was at a place where i was calm and happy,my emotions were of the scale,i cried at movies,WTF never done that before,then a few years ago  told the wife,that i needed to wear the clothes and express my feminity more. She was cool with that,but it was only a few hours a week when the house was empty,but that was never enough,so i told my child that i needed to more female in front of him,that was tough,but he said he was cool about it,as long as i didnt go out in public with him in a dress,thats a small price to pay. So i started to be dressed around the house full time. Around the same time i wannted to go out into the REAL world to experience that as a women,so i did. What a wonderfull place that is and i have met some wonderfull people out there,you know who you are Barbara,Sasha,Nicola,Teena,Nicci ,Kate and all. Now every one of our families know and most of our friends aswell.   But I digress So Wednesday is the first step to finding out who I am and where i am going. Doctor will hopefully be sympathetic . I dont know where this journey will end,but i know it has just begun. Life is not a rehearsal and you only get one attempT at it,so why not be happy   Thanks for reading,and Wednesday i will tell you how things are going   lots of love simone xxx    
    1983 Posted by Simone Jo
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The End Game


I think that says it all.

From the first GIC appointment to surgery is going to be 21 months , plus the 1 year wait for the initial referral.

So all those out there on their journeys , you will get there


Simone x


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