frustration of being a secret crossdresser

  • I quit often go clothes shopping wth my wife, She a modern girl and into the days fashion, My probem is,, When I suggest clothes for her tp wear try on what im really saying is, I want to wear this but can't cause you don't know im a crossdresser.


    AHH Sorry for the rant, I just an one frustrated girlie,


    Debs xx


    Its good to talk, any suggestions.

    Davina :) READ THE BLOODY PROFILE PEOPLE ! Went out for a meal with a couple of Girlfriends on Thursday night, all bar the typical teenage girls that who still pee when they giggle in hysteria ! the most anti social inference as a hole ( and this is just from my personal opinion) comes from woman...  more
    February 17, 2013
  • Beckie Fox
    Beckie Fox Hi Debs. We sometimes say things we don't mean or understand. What you said to your wife was out of your context. You are trying to be subtle and test the water - don't you'll end further in the cave through misunderstanding and intreptations. What is the...  more
    February 17, 2013 - 2 like this
  • Jennie R
    Jennie R Hi, Debs. I can tell you that I know exactly what you must be going through. I too have hidden the fact that I cross dress to my wife for years. One time she found a gym bag full of women's clothes and shoes in the trunk of my car and went ballistic..thin...  more
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  • Pauline Smith
    Pauline Smith If she finds out - and she may - who knows what will happen? In my case it was divorce>>> not for cross dressing but for lying and breaking the trust. Ironically 15 years later we are still friends. Its your choice and she wont be ha...  more
    February 22, 2013