• Transgender Sitcom BOY MEETS GIRL

    Posted 2 hours ago by Bebe Brum

    BBC Two has announced Boy Meets Girl, Britain's first transgender sitcom series. Filmed in and around Manchester, the six-part series follows the romantic story of 26-year-old Leo and 40-something trans woman Judy.

  • hair dresser stylist can anyone help ?

    Posted Wed at 11:38 AM by Alana Dee

    I am trying to find a friendly hair stylist who has / can cut and style a human hair wig I have just paid a good deal of money for !! Yes I now I should have thought about it before I paid out lots of money but I think I had a ' blond ' moment when I tried the wig on , yes it is blond so I think I h...

  • Transgender lingerie model Geena Rocero reveals why she finally

    Posted Wed at 6:31 AM by Peter Oram

    Saw this article this morning and remembered her speech at a TED talk back in March this year when she let the world know she was born a boy. Here she explains why she finally revealed to the world she was born a boy.

  • Sometimes Samantha

    Posted Wed at 12:08 AM by Samantha Smile

    My latest blog entry is up, all you nail lovers will like this one blog can be found here

  • Shoes

    Posted Tue at 5:09 PM by Jodie Dawson

    So a lot less deep on this one, yet deeply practical for all girls out there whatever your original gender or degree of change :) Shoes! So here is a simple aide memoire. Hope it helps?  

  • Clean Up

    Posted August 17 by Elizabeth Arlington

    The Village Clean Up This is just a bit of an update as to what a few of us got up to on Saturday in Sackville Gardens. We gave up  a few hours of our spare time and cleaned up a bit around the village, Canal Street, and the immediate area around. Ok, it's not the best and most glamorous thi...

  • There is No such thing as a Sex Change

    Posted August 13 by Pauline Smith

    I came across this video, by Fred McConnell, when looking at something on Robin Williams. Watch it - in my opinion it's worth watching as a great example of how to behave towards and with transgendered people.   hugs   Pauline xxx

  • Photo Shoot

    Posted August 12 by Elizabeth Arlington

    Photo Shoot OK girls and guys, how about this for a offer? My good friend and Transtastic member Caroline, is offering her services to any of us special girls or guys even, at a very good rate.  Fancy a photo shoot for £50 for a two hour session as many outfits as you can change into, ...

  • Are You Convincing?

    Posted August 11 by Gemma V3™

    A lot of my blogs and articles are often written with mischief in mind. Funnily enough thouh they usually end up being the most viewed and most commented on written pieces on the site (but not the most liked lol). Check me out bitches. Bizarrely though they all seem to throw up some serious discussi...

  • Well done to Kellie

    Posted August 10 by Veronica Andrews

    You never know do you some of the least likely people are out there. I was amazed to read this took my breath away see if you feel the same as myself.