• Curse of the Ghostly White Powdery Face!!!

    Posted Mon at 4:18 PM by Julie Hawkwood

    After a long days tranny spotting in Manchester, I have noticed something that makes trannies stand out so much..... dry white powdery faces with big pores. Now, I'm not being rude and I've been there and am there a lot myself. Men have BIG pores, so we sweat more and make more oil on ...

  • Private nights out . . . .

    Posted July 27 by Davina G

    I went for a meal on Friday night with a very good friend of mine “ Hi sweetie” lol,   Anyway we got talking to the owner of  the establishment,  and they are very keen to have a “Cd, Tv, Tg “ night once a month. As they themselves are under that particu...

  • fair or not fair

    Posted July 26 by JOLI angel

    Many of  us dress and make up and wish to be treated like women by men,I would like to know if we are competing with women and if this competion will be fair or not.during past years Tg could improve thier femenity presentation more better .some of us have just one small difference with real wo...

  • Second blog

    Posted July 25 by Wendy Jones

    Second blog   Done with out Aid of a Safety net   Been a nice week off though it was not booked hopefully the Bosses will get back round table to talk and we wont have to strike again Wendy

  • MY First BLOG on HERE

    Posted July 25 by Wendy Jones

    Well here I go.Date 25-07-2014 it's been a nice week weather wise hope it carries on as I am off to GRAN CANARIA in approx 35days for 2 weeks ,Bring on the yumbo centre.

  • Sex

    Posted July 24 by Gemma V3™

    'You are about to feel like what it is having a female sex drive'   Awesome I thought.  Even smiled when the physician as the GIC told me this.  Fuck knows why.   8 months on and I know exactly what he meant.  I used to have a cray sex drive and have done some crazy thin...

  • Hedwig - TG Musical

    Posted July 21 by Pauline Smith

      I came across this article in today's Guardian, by Alexis Soloski, and thought of sharing it with all of you.     Musicals we love: Hedwig and the Angry Inch   With all the raw spontaneity of a rock'n'roll gig, this show cuts to the core of sexual identity, love and l...

  • Tucking

    Posted July 20 by Veronica Andrews

    As someone who has tucked and taped for many years now I thought i would share a more comfortable way to achieve that lovely flat front. I have now made myself a gaff which is so much easier to wear and saves so much time when getting ready. the gaff saves all that mess cutting tape ready to use an...

  • Assets

    Posted July 20 by Elizabeth Arlington

    Morning all, i've just been having a look around that world wide web this morning while having a lovely cup of fresh coffee, and came along this - In the last 12 months or so, i've lost a bit of weight but ended up putting it back on - on...

  • marriage

    Posted July 19 by JOLI angel

    I like to marry with a man and livinh with him for long time and even I wish to be as mother for his kids .I prefer to marry with official ceremony ,I mean having a very nice wedding party .I think wedding dress is one of the common wish for all TG . JOLI